1. Publication

    24 Jun 2019

    Family Nurse Partnership in Scotland: revaluation report

    Findings from family nurses, the families they work with and wider stakeholders on how the Family Nurse Partnership programme works in practice in Scotland.

  2. Publication

    03 Jun 2019

    Becoming Breastfeeding Friendly Scotland: report

    Scotland's results and the key recommendations for the continued protection, promotion and support for breastfeeding.

  3. Publication

    01 Apr 2019

    Neonatal Expenses Fund: in-year evaluation

    An in-year ‘temperature check’ of the first four months of the Neonatal Expenses fund, allowing Ministers and Boards to see how well the early stages of the scheme is functioning and to make any urgent changes.

  4. NEWS

    27 Mar 2019 10:00

    New look Baby Box ready for Mother’s Day

    Uptake jumps to 96% as 80,000 deliveries made to parents.

  5. NEWS

    26 Mar 2019 10:19

    Maternity Care Survey 2018

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  6. NEWS

    26 Mar 2019 10:15

    Positive feedback for maternity services

    Maternity Care Survey 2018 publishes.  

  7. Statistics

    26 Mar 2019

    Maternity care survey 2018: technical report

    Information on the technical aspects of the 2018 Maternity Care Survey, including development, implementation, analysis and reporting.

  8. Statistics

    26 Mar 2019

    Maternity care survey 2018: national results

    National results of the 2018 Maternity Care Survey. Comparisons have been made with the previous iterations of this survey where this is possible.

  9. NEWS

    14 Mar 2019 09:51

    ‘Ready Steady Baby’ guidance updated

    New edition of NHS Scotland’s guide to pregnancy, labour and birth.

  10. Publication

    06 Mar 2019

    Perinatal mental health services: needs assessment and recommendations

    Recommendations across all tiers of service delivery, with the aim of ensuring that Scotland has the best services for women with, or at risk of, mental ill health in pregnancy or the postnatal period, their infants, partners and families.

  11. NEWS

    14 Feb 2019 09:30

    Improving maternity and neonatal care

    Package of measures backed by £12 million investment.

  12. Research and analysis

    26 Nov 2018

    Growing up in Scotland: overweight and obesity at age 10

    The report uses data from the Growing Up in Scotland study to investigate trajectories of overweight and obesity during the primary school years and identify key risk factors.

  13. Progress report

    19 Nov 2018

    Maternity and paediatric services at Dr Gray's Hospital: report by CMO Advisory Group

    Recommendations and guidance to enable NHS Grampian to develop a plan for returning an obstetric led service to Dr Gray’s Hospital (DGH).

  14. Consultation analysis

    10 Oct 2018

    Welfare Foods: consultation summary

    This consultation on meeting the needs of children and families in Scotland was published in April 2018 and invited views on our approach to Welfare Foods following the devolution through the Scotland Act 2016.

  15. NEWS

    29 Jul 2018 00:01

    £2 million more for breastfeeding support

    Helping mums breastfeed for longer.

  16. NEWS

    10 Apr 2018 09:30

    Insights into key equality outcomes across Scotland

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  17. NEWS

    22 Dec 2017 12:48

    Supporting premature babies

    £1.5 million Family Fund to help meet costs.

  18. NEWS

    06 Dec 2017 00:01

    Young people take on mental health

    Commission to research services for children and adolescents.

  19. NEWS

    01 Dec 2017 10:00

    Folic acid in flour

    Joint letter to UK Health Secretary.

  20. NEWS

    30 Oct 2017 14:35

    Support for first-time mums

    Family Nurse Partnership to be extended.

  21. NEWS

    20 Oct 2017 12:29

    10,000 baby boxes delivered

    All babies due in Scotland gifted a box.

  22. NEWS

    15 Aug 2017 10:00

    New £44m facility at GSK Montrose

    New facility to produce 400 million vaccinations a year.

  23. NEWS

    14 Aug 2017 13:31

    Scotland's Baby Box available nationwide

    Delivery begins tomorrow.

  24. NEWS

    13 Aug 2017 15:37

    Safe sleeping

    Parents encouraged to consider safe sleeping practices as early as possible.

  25. Advice and guidance

    18 Jan 2011

    Improving maternal and infant nutrition: a framework for action

    Actions which can be taken by NHS Boards, local authorities and others to improve the nutrition of pregnant women, babies and young children.