Child health hearing services under review

Steps taken and Board escalated to improve paediatric audiology services.

An independent review into Paediatric Audiology in NHS Lothian has found failures and ongoing risks in the service.

The report published today outlines a catalogue of errors in treatment which will have a lasting impact on the lives of some of those affected.

These ongoing issues have resulted in the health board being escalated to stage 3 of the NHS Board Performance Escalation Framework for paediatric audiology performance and service delivery.

A formal recovery plan with tailored support, clear milestones and responsibilities will be developed by NHS Lothian in partnership with the Scottish Government to bring about necessary changes.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said:

“I am deeply disappointed at the unacceptable failures this report has highlighted, and I have already made my views unequivocally clear to NHS Lothian. The service provided to children affected and their families was simply not good enough.

“I expect the Board to enact the recommendations as a matter of urgency and engage with any actions from the formal recovery plan.

“To those families who have been affected by this I would like to extend my heartfelt apologies along with a promise that robust action will be taken. They have been failed and I am determined that the board must ensure that this is not repeated for any other families.

“I would also like to applaud the National Deaf Children’s Society in providing support to those affected, I have written to them with an invitation to meet and discuss how any key lessons can be applied Scotland wide.”


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