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Stopping bullying and discrimination

Homophobic, transphobic and biphobic bullying

Our National Approach to Anti-Bullying for Scotland's Children and Young People aims to ensure that agencies and communities are jointly focused on addressing all types of bullying, including prejudice-based bullying.

The approach is being refreshed to ensure that it:

  • remains current
  • reflects policy and legislative developments
  • is in line with the legal framework outlined in the Equality Act 2010
  • captures findings from the recent respectme research, Bullying in Scotland 2014

The refreshed guidance will be published later this year.

respectme: anti-bullying service

We established and fund respectme, Scotland's anti-bullying service. It is managed and delivered in partnership with LGBT Youth Scotland and Scottish Association for Mental Health.

It works with all adults who work with children and young people to give them the practical skills and confidence to deal with all types of bullying behaviour, wherever it occurs, and for whatever reason.

A toolkit, Dealing with Homophobia and Homophobic Bullying in Scottish Schools, was developed to help teachers to recognise, challenge and reduce homophobia and homophobic bullying in their schools.

We also supported development of the FIT DVD, Stonewall's play for schools aimed at addressing homophobic bullying. Copies of the DVD were sent to every secondary school in Scotland.

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