1. Scotland's Year of Stories 2022: equality impact assessment

    Scotland’s Year of Stories 2022 showcased Scotland’s strongest culture, tourism and events assets and other key aspects of society by creating a collaborative platform for partners to work together and maximise benefits. The report highlights evidence, opportunities and actions to boost equality.

  2. National Islands Plan Annual Report 2022

    The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 requires that a report is presented to Parliament each year setting out the progress made towards delivery of the National Islands Plan. This report sets out progress made during the 2022 reporting year.

  3. National events strategy review: consultation - Gaelic version

    Gaelic version of consultation to help shape the review of Scotland's national events strategy.

  4. Investing in Gaelic

    Funding to support local projects.

  5. Creating a robust future for Gaelic and Scots

    Languages consultation launched.

  6. Adult learning strategy: equality impact assessment

    Equality impact assessment (EQIA) for the adult learning strategy.

  7. Adult learning strategy: island and communities impact assessment

    Island and communities impact assessment for the adult learning strategy.

  8. Adult learning strategy: fairer Scotland duty summary

    Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment for the adult learning strategy.

  9. Adult learning strategy 2022 to 2027

    The Adult Learning Strategy sets out our actions to improve life chances for adult learners across Scotland. It outlines how we will ensure that there are accessible opportunities for adults to learn throughout their lives.

  10. Adult learning strategy: easy read

    An easy read version of the Adult Learning Strategy.

  11. 1+2 languages policy - local authority survey 2021: findings

    Findings of a 2021 survey of local authorities on progress to implement the 1+2 languages policy in schools. The key finding is that nearly all primary and secondary schools now deliver language learning from P1 through to the end of the Broad General Education.

  12. A Culture Strategy for Scotland

    A Culture Strategy for Scotland shows how important culture is to Scotland’s prosperity and sets the future direction for supporting culture in Scotland.

  13. Supporting Gaelic communities

    New working group to consider economic opportunities.

  14. A’ taiceadh choimhearsnachdan Gàidhlig

    Buidheann-gnìomha ùr gus meòrachadh chothroman eaconamach

  15. British Sign Language - national plan: progress report - easy read

    Easy read version of the British Sign Language (BSL) national plan progress report.

  16. Curriculum for Excellence review: implementation framework

    A framework for how we will address the recommendations in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) report, ‘Scotland’s Curriculum for Excellence: Into the Future’. This will include using the analysis and advice set out in Professor Stobart’s working paper on assessment in secondary education.

  17. Treòir - Voar - Virr Gaelic and English medium primary schools and departments on islands

    Comprehensive list of primary schools on Scottish islands that will be invited to engage in the Treòir | Voar | Virr programme. A National Transition Training Fund programme to aid recovery in education and support re-training and employment opportunities for creative freelancers through arts-based cultural workshops in primary schools that support delivery of our National Islands Plan commitments.

  18. Coronavirus (COVID-19) - experiences of vulnerable children, young people, and parents: research

    This report presents findings from qualitative research conducted with a range of children, young people and parents in vulnerable or seldom heard groups, carried out to explore their lived experiences during and throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

  19. Beachdan air an sireadh mu Phlana Ghàidhlig

    A’ toirt taic don chànan san àm ri teachd

  20. Island communities impact assessments: guidance - consultation

    Our islands face particular challenges around distance, geography, connectivity and demography, so it is important that policy makers consider these properly. The consultation on the guidance will help ensure that islands receive fair treatment tailored to their unique circumstances.

  21. Funding for Gaelic education

    Investment of £2 million for new Gaelic primary school.

  22. Treas Sgoil Ghàidhlig ann an Glaschu

    Leas Phrìomh Mhinistear air £1.9 millean de mhaoineachadh ainmeachadh dhan phròiseact.

  23. £97,000 airson Ionad Gàidhlig

    Thèid an tabhartas gus tràth-bhliadhnaichean agus ionnsachadh didseatach a leasachadh

  24. British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan 2017-2023: analysis of consultation responses

    The report sets out the analysis of the public consultation on Scotland's draft British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan.

  25. Maoineachadh airson a' Mhòid Nàiseanta

    Tabhartas bliadhnail air a ghairm leis an LPM airson seasmhachd a’ Mhòid a dhìon.  

  26. Maoineachadh airson ionad Gàidhlig

    40 obair ùr an dùil bhon phròiseact

  27. Funding for Gaelic Centre

    Project expected to create 40 jobs

  28. Plana Gàidhlig Riaghaltas na h-Alba 2016-2021

    Tha am plana seo a' mìneachadh an taic a tha Riaghaltas na h-Alba a’ toirt dhan Ghàidhlig na obraichean, airson gun dèan sinn cinnteach gum bi seasmhachd aig a’ Ghàidhlig an Alba san àm ri teachd.

  29. Scottish Government Gaelic Language Plan 2016-2021

    How the Scottish Government supports Gaelic in its operations, to ensure the language has a sustainable future in Scotland.

  30. Buill ùra do Bhòrd na Gàidhlig

    Chaidh ceathrar bhall ùra a chur an dreuchd mar Bhuill air Bòrd na Gàidhlig leis an Leas Phrìomh Mhinistear John Swinney. ’S iad na buill ùra Ailean Caimbeul, Fiona Dunn, Jennifer Gilmour agus Màiri Anna NicUalraig.

  31. British Sign Language (BSL) National Plan consultation

    Consultation seeking views on improving public services for BSL users.

  32. £700,000 for Gaelic language delivery

    Investment will help fund school improvements.

  33. Scots language policy: English version

    Outline of policy commitments and context surrounding the Scottish Government's support of Scots language.

  34. Scots language policy: Scots version

    Ootline o policy commitments an context surroondin the Scottish Government's support o Scots leid.

  35. Gaelic Language Plan 2015-2020: draft for consultation

    Draft Scottish Government plan regarding the development of Gaelic.

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