1. Climate change monitoring report 2023

    The second annual statutory monitoring report against the updated 2018 Climate Change Plan, as per the Climate Change (Emissions Reduction Targets) (Scotland) Act 2019.

  2. Heat Network Zone (HNZ) guidance

    Statutory guidance to support local authorities to discharge their duties in relation to review, and possible designation, of Heat Network Zones. The guidance should be read alongside the Heat Network Zones and Building Assessment Reports (Scotland) Regulations 2023.

  3. Boosting Fuel Insecurity Fund

    Support for those who need it most.

  4. Collective effort to tackle poverty

    First Minister convenes anti-poverty summit.

  5. Heat network projects: quarterly reports – March 2023

    Information on the capital and pre-capital projects which have been funded through Scotland's Heat Network Fund and the Heat Network Support Unit.

  6. Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme: capital projects - March 2023

    Information on the capital projects which have received funding through our Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

  7. Equality, opportunity, community: New leadership - A fresh start

    This publication sets out the First Minister’s vision for Scotland and the outcomes he and his government aim to achieve by 2026.

  8. National Islands Plan Annual Report 2022

    The Islands (Scotland) Act 2018 requires that a report is presented to Parliament each year setting out the progress made towards delivery of the National Islands Plan. This report sets out progress made during the 2022 reporting year.

  9. Helping families with their living costs

    Extra funding to help offset UK Government benefit cap.

  10. Draft Energy Strategy and Just Transition Plan

    We are consulting on this draft route map of actions we will take to deliver a flourishing net zero energy system that supplies affordable, resilient and clean energy to Scotland’s workers, households, communities and businesses.

  11. Fuel Insecurity Fund extended to help fuel poor households

    £20 million referendum funding will support people struggling with their energy bills.

  12. Accelerating green heat delivery

    Next steps taken to help transformation.

  13. Tackling the energy cost crisis

    First Minister convenes second summit with energy companies and advice organisations.

  14. Accessing help for cost of living

    New website provides ‘one stop shop’ for advice and information.

  15. Rent freeze focus of Programme for Government

    Ministers act to protect people in cost crisis.

  16. Cost Crisis Programme for Government

    Scottish Child Payment increased from 14 November.

  17. Taking action on cost emergency

    Scottish Government Resilience Room convened.

  18. Transforming heating in homes

    Zero direct emission plans for all new buildings. 

  19. Building a net zero future

    New measures to slash carbon emissions from housing stock.

  20. Cost of living top of the agenda for Finance Ministers

    Finance Interministerial Standing Committee.

  21. New benefit to help with winter fuel bills

    Low Income Winter Heating Assistance will support 400,000 households.

  22. Reassurance needed on long term cost of living pressures

    Finance Secretary responds to Chancellor’s statement.

  23. Urgent action needed on cost of living

    Calls for £30 billion support package.

  24. Bold action needed to tackle cost of living

    Finance Secretary calls for immediate support.

  25. Investment in tackling child poverty

    Supporting low income households.

  26. Tackling the cost of living crisis

    Support to help mitigate against future energy price increases.

  27. £300m boost for climate friendly heating

    Transforming Scotland’s heating systems.

  28. Eradicating fuel poverty

    New strategy to make homes safer, warmer and cheaper to heat.

  29. New winter heating benefit

    Annual investment of £20 million to help low income households.

  30. £50 million for warmer, greener homes

    Support available to help people save on heating bills this winter.

  31. Financial help for families in need

    £41 million Winter Support Fund for low income households.

  32. The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (Scotland) regulations 2020: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses from the consultation on the Energy Efficient Scotland: The Energy Efficiency (Private Rented Property) (Scotland) regulations 2019 and associated guidance.

  33. Making our homes cleaner and greener

    Scotland’s heat in buildings strategy published.

  34. Increased funding to tackle fuel poverty and climate change

    £64 million for local heat and energy efficiency projects

  35. A new standard for housing

    Ensuring equal quality of homes.

  36. Energy Efficient Scotland - improving energy efficiency in owner-occupied homes: consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to the Energy Efficient Scotland: improving energy efficiency in owner-occupied homes consultation.

  37. Helping to warm homes this winter

    First award through £7 million fuel poverty fund.

  38. Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel: annual report – 2019

    Second annual report of the Scottish Fuel Poverty Advisory Panel and the Scottish Fuel Poverty Partnership Forum.

  39. Renewable heat scheme for homeowners

    Support to reduce energy usage.

  40. £16m to tackle fuel poverty

    Helping households become more energy efficient.

  41. Scottish House Condition Survey: 2018 Key Findings

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  42. Improving energy efficiency

    Proposals to make homes warmer and greener.

  43. Heat Networks Regulation Working Group: recommendations

    A report advising the Scottish Government on legislative support for heat networks.

  44. Enhanced heating regimes: consultation

    This consultation sets out the details of the three enhanced heating regimes defined in the Fuel Poverty Bill and seeks views on which households they should be applied to.

  45. Energy efficiency grants for social landlords

    Extra funding to make homes warmer and promote carbon reduction.

  46. New Bill to lift households out of fuel poverty

    Fuel Poverty Bill passes Stage 3.

  47. Public energy company: strategic outline case

    Independent strategic outline case to consider how Scotland's public energy company could be developed suggests that a phased approach would work better.

  48. Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH): guidance for social landlords (revised February 2019)

    Revised guidance for social landlords on the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing (EESSH), February 2019.

  49. Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing post-2020 (EESSH2): consultation analysis

    Analysis of responses to our public consultation on Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing post-2020.

  50. Target to cut fuel poverty

    Bill sets out target and new definition.

  51. Improving energy efficiency

    Equity loan scheme for homeowners expands.

  52. Funding for fuel poverty and energy efficiency

    FM announces allocation of £54.5 million.

  53. Energy summit

    Doing more to support vulnerable consumers.

  54. Scottish House Condition Survey 2016

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland

  55. Tackling fuel poverty

    Consultation launches.

  56. Improving Scotland's private rented sector properties

    Consultation on energy efficiency and condition standards.

  57. £30 million announced to help makes homes warmer

    Interest-free loans now available to help reduce fuel bills

  58. Funding for the fuel poor

    Additional £10 million to help families who most need support to keep warm this winter.

  59. Executive summary - An action plan to deliver affordable warmth in rural Scotland proposed by the Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force

    Executive summary of the Scottish Rural Fuel Poverty Task Force report that sets out actions to deliver affordable warmth in rural Scotland.

  60. Tackling fuel poverty

    Independent fuel poverty report recommends review of definition.

  61. Consent granted for new Highland wind farm

    Creag Riabhach wind farm to generate enough power for 36,000 homes.

  62. Scotland gets low-carbon cosy

    More renewable heat than ever before.

  63. Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group

    Final report to be published later this year.

  64. Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing: funding sources table

    A table detailing funding available for energy efficiency projects.

  65. Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing: information for landlords

    Answers to landlords' questions about the Energy Efficiency Standard for Social Housing.

  66. Joint Housing Delivery Plan for Scotland

    Plan identifying priority actions agreed upon by housing sector representatives to ensure we are able to deliver the objectives set out in our housing strategies.

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