Net zero heating and energy efficiency standards: research summary

Summary of research by Energy Saving Trust and Taylor McKenzie exploring the attitudes of homeowners in Scotland to the potential regulatory standards that may be implemented over 2025 to 2045, dependent on further consultation.

Research background

The Scottish Government commissioned Energy Saving Trust and Taylor McKenzie to undertake research to explore the attitudes of homeowners in Scotland to the regulatory standards proposed to be implemented over 2025 – 2045 for both zero emissions heating and energy efficiency in domestic properties. The qualitative research was conducted in four phases and this summary report outlines the main findings from phases one to four. A total of 32 focus groups were conducted across all four phases, with homeowners from a range of socio-economic backgrounds, locations and housing types. The research explored participants’ views on (i) the concept of net zero, (ii) three proposed scenarios for introducing new regulations, (iii) the support needed to comply with any new regulations, (iv) the fairest way to introduce these regulations in a phased approach and (v) the different ways in which the public can be educated on the proposed regulations and home upgrades that will be required to reach the net zero targets.



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