Funding for the fuel poor

Additional £10 million to help families who most need support to keep warm this winter.

More people across the country will be able to keep themselves and their families warm this winter as a result of £10 million funding announced today.

Housing associations and councils will be given a share of £9 million funding to help improve the housing of some of the poorest households and those most in need.

The funding will help ensure social housing meets energy efficiency standards, making it easier for tenants to heat their home and keep themselves and their families warm.

An extra £1 million is also being made available to provide grants to those households using our interest-free loan scheme, to help meet the cost of installing energy efficiency measures.

In addition, Minister for Housing Kevin Stewart has announced work is now underway to develop Scotland’s Energy Efficiency Programme (SEEP), with 11 pilot projects being implemented to test ways of improving the energy efficiency of Scotland’s buildings and ensures everyone has a warm and comfortable home they can afford to heat.

Mr Stewart said:

“Everyone deserves a safe and warm place to call home. And that is why tackling fuel poverty is  a priority, for me and for this Government.

“I’m delighted that this week a further £9 million is going out to councils and social housing associations to ensure some of Scotland’s most vulnerable households are able to heat their homes.  This means we are spending £113 million this year alone tackling fuel poverty directly.

“I am also pleased to be announcing a further £1 million investment in our interest-free loan scheme which will increase the number of people able to access help to install energy efficiency measures.

“Over the next four years we are making half a billion pounds available to tackle fuel poverty and improve energy efficiency. This means, by the end of 2021, we will have committed more than £1 billion to making our homes and buildings warmer and cheaper to heat.

“I announced last week that we are looking again at our approach to fuel poverty and as a result of recommendation by the Scottish Fuel Poverty Strategic Working Group an independent review of the definition of fuel poverty will be carried out.

“It is absolutely vital we make sure the action we are taking makes a difference to those who need it most.”


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