Agriculture and the environment

  1. More support for Scotland’s crofters

    Improving homes in remote and rural communities.

  2. National parks - challenge exercise: summary analysis

    Summary analysis of contributions made to the 'Future for National Parks in Scotland' challenge exercise, May to June 2022, on our public dialogue platform

  3. Salmon farming - use of acoustic deterrent devices: report

    Report on the use of acoustic deterrent devices (ADDs) in salmon farming to control predation by seals and their wider effects on wildlife by the Scottish Animal Welfare Commission.

  4. Scotland's Blue Economy: current status review

    Describes our starting position in the transition to adopting a Blue Economy approach to marine sectors, communities, and the environment. It provides us with the foundation to consider how we can track our progress and determine if significant and lasting change is occurring.

  5. Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Rodenticides on Grassland and Fodder Farms 2021

    This report presents the results of a survey of rodenticide use on grassland and fodder farms in Scotland in 2021.

  6. Ending the sale of peat in Scotland

    Phasing out use of peat to protect the environment.

  7. Ending the sale of peat: consultation

    We are consulting on ending the sale of peat in Scotland. Responses to this consultation will inform plans and timescales for moving away from using peat products in order to protect peatlands from further damage. Their protection and restoration form important components of our Climate Change Plan.

  8. Funding to help nature projects grow

    Supporting and scaling up responsible investment in nature.

  9. National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland (NEPS) 2021: analysis

    The National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland (NEPS) is a statistical survey design that ensures collection of unbiased data on the density and status of salmon and the pressures that affect them, including water quality and genetic introgression. This report presents the latest analysis.

  10. Reducing emissions from agriculture – the role of new farm technologies

    This research identified and evaluated technologies which could offer carbon savings in Scottish agriculture which are not currently in use but could be brought to market within 20 years. A shortlist of technologies were explored in greater detail to identify candidates for accelerated development.

  11. Commission for the land-based learning review: report to Scottish Ministers

    The report produced by the Commission, a short term advisory group established to provide independent, evidence-based advice and submitted to Scottish Ministers on how to attract more people into land-based and aquaculture sectors by improving learning pathways.

  12. Flood warnings remain

    Scottish Government resilience committee holds further meeting.

  13. Scotland leads global action for nature.

    Environment Minister welcomes international support for Edinburgh Declaration.

  14. Pesticide usage in Scotland: Grassland and Fodder Crops 2021

    This publication presents information from a survey of pesticide use on grassland and fodder crops in Scotland during 2021.

  15. Avian Influenza Prevention Zone

    Zone declared in Scotland and across Great Britain

  16. Supporting innovation and knowledge sharing in Agriculture

    Projects receive funding through Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund.

  17. Mini-budget measures “an attack on nature”

    UK Government urged to drop damaging proposals.

  18. Payments make tree planting another option for agri sector

    Small areas of woodland classed as Ecological Focus Areas

  19. Concerns over Free Trade Agreement

    UK’s deal with New Zealand “damaging” to Scottish farmers and food producers.

  20. Scaling up nature restoration

    £3.5 million for landscape-scale biodiversity projects.

  21. Boost for recycling and reuse

    Further investment to improve local recycling.

  22. Support for equality in agriculture

    Range of practical training courses for women.

  23. Supporting innovation in agriculture

    Fund of more than £200m to back innovative projects. 

  24. Scottish Government responds to UK gene editing bill

    Minister signals no change to GM regime in Scotland.

  25. Salmon and Sea Trout Fishery Statistics updated for the 2021 Season

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland

  26. New National Parks for Scotland

    Public encouraged to take part in consultation.

  27. Blue Economy Vision launch

    Move to make Scotland a global leader in marine management.

  28. Agriculture Policy Development Group: terms of reference

    Terms of reference for the Agricultural Policy Development Group (APDG).

  29. Promoting low carbon farming and protecting the environment

    Agri-Environment Climate Change Scheme awards.

  30. Sharing knowledge and innovation to tackle climate change

    Projects awarded funding in most recent round of Knowledge Transfer and Innovation Fund.

  31. Transforming Scotland’s waters

    Actions to improve the water environment.

  32. Supporting Rural Scotland

    Range of funding to deliver sustainable communities and protect the environment.

  33. Showcasing agricultural climate action

    Peer to peer network to launch.

  34. Protecting Scotland’s beaver population

    New measures to expand numbers and restore biodiversity.

  35. £50 million for warmer, greener homes

    Support available to help people save on heating bills this winter.

  36. Reducing agricultural emissions

    Improved controls on the storage and application of slurry and digestate.

  37. Action on single-use plastic

    Scotland first UK nation to pursue ban on some of the most problematic products.

  38. Boosting carbon storage in agricultural soil

    Scotland signs up to 4 per 1000 initiative.

  39. Expanded funding to restore and protect nature

    £55 million for nature restoration and biodiversity projects.

  40. First Minister meets global environmental experts at COP26

    New report advises Scottish Government on environment priorities.

  41. Ambitious future for rural Scotland

    National Test Programme announced.

  42. Creating a fairer, greener nation

    Rural funding scheme extended.

  43. Amber thunderstorm warning

    Heavy rain and flooding expected.

  44. Arable Climate Change Group - a new blueprint for Scotland's arable sector: report

    Report from the Arable Climate Change Group, one of the farmer-led groups established to develop advice and proposals for the Scottish Government. It focusses on how to cut emissions and tackle climate change, something that was re-emphasised in the updated Climate Change Plan.

  45. Dairy Sector Climate Change Group: report

    Report from the Dairy Sector Climate Change Group, one of the farmer-led groups established to develop advice and proposals for the Scottish Government. It focusses on how to cut emissions and tackle climate change, something that was re-emphasised in the updated Climate Change Plan.

  46. Sustainable and integrated farming and crofting activity in the hills and uplands of Scotland: blueprint - report

    Report from the Hill, Upland and Crofting Climate Change Group, one of the farmer-led groups established to develop advice and proposals for the Scottish Government. It focusses on how to cut emissions and tackle climate change, something that was re-emphasised in the updated Climate Change Plan.

  47. Mapping Scotland’s crops

    Technology to predict crop types.

  48. Lifting the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone

    Poultry keepers advised to remain vigilant as heightened biosecurity measures lifted

  49. Signalling a sustainable future for farming and food production

    Publication of reports from sector-led climate groups.

  50. Providing financial certainty

    Farmer funding ahead of target.

  51. Additional funding increases training support for women in agriculture

    Access to scheme allows women in crofting and agriculture to develop their skills. 

  52. Inclusive participation in rural Scotland: research report

    Preliminary exploration report details the findings of research into barriers to participation facing lesser heard voices in the context of rural Scotland. Specifically, it focuses on the LGBTI community, disabled people, carers and ethnic minorities.

  53. Celebrating local produce

    Development of regional food and drink projects across Scotland.

  54. Addressing rural Scotland’s gender imbalance

    Providing training support for women.

  55. Preparing for the future

    Setting the direction and shape for agricultural support.

  56. Undoing damage and creating stability

    Support for hardest hit communities and sectors.

  57. Greater protection for iconic Scottish mountain hares

    New licensing regime to take effect from March.

  58. Convergence payments underway

    Package of more than £70 million confirmed.

  59. Grants for Crofters

    Building or improving Crofters’ homes.

  60. Improving sustainability through innovation

    Tackling climate change in farming and food production.

  61. Farmer-led groups to combat climate change

    Making agriculture more sustainable.

  62. Avian Influenza case

    Disease confirmed in birds in Scotland.

  63. Increase in Agricultural Production for 2020

    A National Statistics Publication.

  64. Supporting sustainable farming

    £18 million to improve land and livestock management.

  65. New housing measures to protect poultry and captive birds against avian flu

    Bird keepers should review biosecurity and house birds.

  66. Werritty Report response

    Additional measures to protect birds of prey.

  67. Farmer-led groups to tackle climate change

    More sustainable farming and food production.

  68. Avian influenza protection measures

    Avian Influenza Prevention Zone declared in response to cases of highly pathogenic H5N8 in GB and Europe.

  69. Driven grouse moors - socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts: summary report

    A summary report of findings from research into socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts of driven grouse moors and the employment rights of gamekeepers

  70. Environment, natural resources and agriculture research - draft strategy: consultation

    Consultation on a draft strategy for the next cycle of research on the environment, natural resources and agriculture which starts in 2022. 

  71. Provisional Results Show Increase in Agricultural Production for 2020

    A National Statistics Publication.

  72. Recycle Week 2020

    People encouraged to continue recycling to help the environment.

  73. Rural role in green recovery

    £160 million investment for forestry and agriculture.

  74. Bee disease confirmed in Perthshire

    American Foulbrood found near Blairgowrie.

  75. Support for aquaculture

    Shellfish growers and trout farmers share £3 million

  76. Supporting agriculture

    Farm payment schemes to alleviate COVID-19 pressures.

  77. Scottish Crown Estate: strategic management plan

    Vision and objectives, priorities and policies for the future management of the estate to deliver wider and long-term social, economic and environmental benefits.

  78. Planning for Brexit

    Call to put all available resource towards tackling COVID-19.

  79. Consumers asked to shop considerately

    Behaviour fuelling perception of food shortages.

  80. Agricultural support underway

    £86.2 million of convergence payments now underway.

  81. New beef sector climate group

    Moving to a low-carbon future.

  82. Moving to low carbon farming

    Agricultural Transformation Programme announced.

  83. Farm payments underway

    Investment to support sector.

  84. Less favoured area support

    Investment for remote rural areas underway.

  85. Simplifying CAP

    Taskforce recommendations published.

  86. Alleviating rural hardship

    Support for individuals and families.

  87. Brussels fishery talks

    Challenging outcome for the Scottish industry.

  88. Pesticide usage in Scotland

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  89. Flooding action plan launched

    Protecting communities from extreme weather.

  90. Rural planning to be prioritised

    Review into planning underway.

  91. Increase in 2019 cereal harvest predicted

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  92. Favourable weather helps farming recover.

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  93. Increase in employment in Aquaculture

    2018 fish farm production statistics published.

  94. Scottish fish farm production survey 2018

    Statistical news release.

  95. Brexit impact on red meat sector

    Export costs to increase.

  96. Lord Bew’s agriculture funding review

    €60 million payout for Scots farmers recommended.

  97. Action to address climate emergency

    New measures announced as Cabinet meets in Stirling.

  98. Loans offered to farmers early

    Funding released to help mitigate impacts of Brexit.

  99. Review of the environmental and socio-economic barriers and benefits to organic agriculture in Scotland: summary report

    Summary report of the research carried out by Harper Adams University, on behalf of the Scottish Government, into the environmental and socio-economic barriers and benefits to organic agriculture in Scotland.

  100. Review of the environmental and socio-economic barriers and benefits to organic agriculture in Scotland

    Report of the research carried out by Harper Adams University, on behalf of the Scottish Government, into the environmental and socio-economic barriers and benefits to organic agriculture in Scotland.

  101. Tackling climate change

    Additional £11 million for peatland restoration.

  102. Convergence Review

    Letter from Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing to Secretary of State Michael Gove about convergence allocations.

  103. An appetite for education

    First Minister announces food education programme.

  104. Farming and food production

    New working group formed.

  105. Scotland supports its farmers

    Poll says nearly 90% of Scots think farming is vital to economic growth.

  106. Agriculture Facts and Figures

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  107. Scottish Greenhouse Gas Emissions 2017

    An Official Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  108. Protecting Scotland’s seas

    A world first for conservation of marine life. 

  109. Bee disease confirmed in West Lothian

    European Foulbrood (EFB) detected in West Lothian colony.

  110. Farmers to benefit from more land

    New entrants to farming industry get help from Scottish Government scheme.

  111. Farming for a better climate

    Driving forward low carbon farming.

  112. Support for remote rural areas

    Less favoured area payments underway.

  113. Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme

    Payments underway ahead of schedule.

  114. Scottish Farm Business Income at six year high

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  115. Agri-tourism monitor farms

    Improving food and farm businesses.

  116. Weather helps farmers with winter planting

    A National Statistics Publication for Scotland.

  117. Farming and climate change

    Young farmers leading the way.

  118. Bringing rural policy into the mainstream

    Delivering rural commitments.

  119. Brexit farm compensation

    Farming at risk.

  120. Action against flooding

    £713,000 to increase community resilience

  121. Genetically Modified Organisms (Deliberate Release etc) (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Scotland) Regulations 2016: BRIA

    Business regulatory impact assessment (BRIA) for Genetically Modified Organisms (Deliberate Release etc) (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Scotland) Regulations 2016 (amending SSI 2002 No.541 and transposing EU Directive 2015/412).

  122. Chemicals and genetically modified organisms: notification to the Scottish Parliament

    Notification about deficiencies in legislation due to EU exit in the event of a 'no deal' scenario, and proposed amendments to ensure the law continues to operate.

  123. Together we can, together we will: analysis of consultation responses

    This report details the analysis of the National Council of Rural Advisers' (NCRA) consultation.

  124. Small landholdings legislation: guide to the law in Scotland

    There are only a few Small Landholdings left in Scotland and these are governed by complex, historic legislation. This guide summarises key legal elements for those with an interest.

  125. Together we can, together we will: consultation

    Consultation by National Consultation of Rural Advisers (NCRA) to help inform recommendations for Scottish Government on future policy direction for the rural economy.

  126. Small landholdings in Scotland: legislation review

    Review of the legislation governing small landholdings in Scotland and supporting consultation analysis.

  127. Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: guidance for farmers

    Guidance booklets to help farmers to comply with the Action Programme for Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (Scotland) Regulations 2008.

  128. Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: maps

    Maps of the five Nitrate Vulnerable Zones (NVZs) in Scotland.

  129. Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: grassland derogation application form

    Form for applying for a grassland derogation under the Nitrate Vulnerable Zones Action Programme (Scotland) Regulations 2008.

  130. Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: Nmax calculator

    Tool for calculating Nmax limits for crop types and for assisting with recording compliance with other key elements of the Nitrates Vulnerable Zone Action Programme (Scotland) Regulations 2008.

  131. Pesticides: code of practice for using plant protection products in Scotland

    The code is aimed at all professional users of plant protection products (pesticides) in Scotland.

  132. Prevention of environmental pollution from agricultural activity: dos and don'ts guide

    A short version of the new prevention of environmental pollution from agricultural activity (PEPFAA) code of practice.

  133. Prevention of environmental pollution from agricultural activity: guidance

    Code of good practice, giving practical advice to farmers and others on minimising pollution.

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