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  1. Research and analysis

    26 Feb 2021

    Inclusive participation in rural Scotland: research report

    Preliminary exploration report details the findings of research into barriers to participation facing lesser heard voices in the context of rural Scotland. Specifically, it focuses on the LGBTI community, disabled people, carers and ethnic minorities.

  2. NEWS

    21 Sep 2020 00:01

    Recycle Week 2020

    People encouraged to continue recycling to help the environment.

  3. NEWS

    23 Mar 2020 00:01

    Planning for Brexit

    Call to put all available resource towards tackling COVID-19.

  4. NEWS

    24 Jun 2019 00:01

    Convergence Review

    Letter from Rural Economy Secretary Fergus Ewing to Secretary of State Michael Gove about convergence allocations.

  5. Research and analysis

    09 Nov 2018

    LEADER 2014-2020: process evaluation

    Initial process evaluation for LEADER 2014-2020 and assessment of its economic, social, cultural and environmental impact on rural communities.

  6. Consultation paper

    12 Jun 2018

    Together we can, together we will: consultation

    Consultation by National Consultation of Rural Advisers (NCRA) to help inform recommendations for Scottish Government on future policy direction for the rural economy.

  7. Form

    18 Dec 2014

    Nitrate Vulnerable Zones: Nmax calculator

    Tool for calculating Nmax limits for crop types and for assisting with recording compliance with other key elements of the Nitrates Vulnerable Zone Action Programme (Scotland) Regulations 2008.