Dairy Sector Climate Change Group: report

Report from the Dairy Sector Climate Change Group, one of the farmer-led groups established to develop advice and proposals for the Scottish Government. It focusses on how to cut emissions and tackle climate change, something that was re-emphasised in the updated Climate Change Plan.


I would like to thank each of the members of the Dairy Sector Climate Change Group for their contribution to this process. Their knowledge, enthusiasm and passion for this industry shone through in everything they did. We had a tall task to produce a meaningful report and set of recommendations based on a wide remit in a matter of weeks, but the Group understood the importance of the task. We hope this report will deliver something of real substance for the Cabinet Secretary and officials in developing an integrated Scottish Agricultural Policy in the post-Brexit era which will deliver multiple outcomes for Scotland not least achieving the target of net zero by 2045 whilst maintaining a productive, efficient and profitable dairy sector with a strong domestic market brand and exporting our top quality, climate-friendly dairy produce worldwide.

I would particularly like to thank and acknowledge Sarah Simpson for her enormous contribution to the work of the group and the writing of this report. Her knowledge of all aspects of dairy farming, head for numbers and general tenacity got the job done.

All our meetings took place virtually due to the restrictions of COVID-19 so we very much look forward to meeting in person at some point in the not too distant future.

Jackie McCreery


Members of the Dairy sector Climate Change Group
Photograph collage of portraits of members of the Dairy Sector Climate Change Group

"We have a vision of sustainable forage-based milk production from a diverse range of systems, with all systems producing milk on a Carbon Positive basis by 2045: Scotland being the first country to do so. Scottish dairy farms are considered part of the solution to climate change and are highly valued for the food they produce and the environmental benefits they bring."


Email: are.futureruralframework@gov.scot

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