Prevention of environmental pollution from agricultural activity: guidance

Code of good practice, giving practical advice to farmers and others on minimising pollution.

Prevention of environmental pollution from agricultural activity


Section 1 Introduction
Section 2 Diffuse agricultural pollution
Section 3 Soil protection and sustainability
Section 4 Collection, storage and application to land of livestock slurries and manures
Section 5 Non-agricultural wastes and other imported organic wastes
Section 6 Nitrogen and phosphorus
Section 7 Silos and silage effluent
Section 8 Sheep dip
Section 9 Pesticides
Section 10 Disposal of animal carcasses
Section 11 Agricultural fuel oil
Section 12 Waste management and minimisation
Section 13 Prevention and control of emissions to air
Annex A SEERAD offices
Annex B SEPA offices
Annex C Other useful addresses

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