Pesticide usage - arable crops and potato stores 2018: survey results

Information from a survey of pesticide use on arable crops and potato stores in Scotland during 2018.

Table 3: Potato storage treatment active substances – 2018

Tonnes treated Kg
Seed Potatoes
Ethylene(1) 1,031 N/A(2)
Imazalil 106,349 1,451
Thiabendazole 33,805 1,352
Ware Potatoes
Chlorpropham 76,540 735
Ethylene 58,497 N/A(2)
Spearmint oil 14,004 840
Thiabendazole 156 6

N/A = not applicable

(1) Ethylene is not approved as a pesticide for use in seed potato stores under PPP regulations.  However, it is approved as a commodity substance for plant growth regulation in post-harvest crops under COPR(6)

(2) The mass of ethylene used cannot be estimated (refer to Appendix 3 – definitions and notes)



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