Health and social care - everyone matters pulse survey: national report 2020

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care during the initial COVID-19 period.

The impact of COVID-19

As noted, the primary concerns shared by staff in response to the open question ("Thinking about your experiences of work over the last 6 months, what are you currently most worried about?") are around COVID-19 itself. In particular, staff say they are worried about the threat of a 'second wave' (41%) and the impact that will have both at home and at work. At the time of the fieldwork (September 2020), the second wave was a future concern for staff, but at the time of writing this report it is a reality.

Staff talk of their own fatigue and that of their colleagues and the worry that brings in terms of resilience to cope with the second wave.

35% of staff responding to the open question, note worries around catching COVID-19 themselves, or of passing it on to their family or colleagues. 

Future Uncertainty

As a result of the uncertainty around the situation and the path that COVID-19 will take over the coming months, many staff (15% of those answering the open question about their worries) express anxiety and concerns around the future. Staff are clearly worried from both a personal and professional perspective around what the future 'normal' will be. 


For many staff, resilience comes through a combination of elements, across both work and home life, colleagues, family and friends. Some staff (1% of those answering the open question about sources of support) specifically mention resilience when talking about what has supported them thus far through the COVID-19 pandemic. However, a few staff (<1% of those answering the open question about their worries) specifically mention concerns around staff resilience, typically in the context of the second wave of COVID-19.

The challenges brought to both home and work life are illustrated well through the following Staff Experience Stories from NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde where staff in many different roles talk openly about the new workplace challenges and pressures and the impact on their home life.

The role of the National Wellbeing Hub is also highlighted by staff and the summary following illustrates the value of this resource.

Life on the Front Line

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde staff share a series of personal experiences through COVID, telling their stories of ‘Life on the Front Line’ These stories are from a broad spectrum of staff, with each talking about the challenges they have faced and their coping strategies. Most talk of the hardship of not being able to see or hug family members and of coping with increased workload and changed work practises. Individual films can be viewed via these links:

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde

Wellbeing Hub

The National Wellbeing Hub ( was set up to enable people, wherever they work in the health and social care system, to build on their strengths and look after themselves better. 

The project team recognised the link between staff well-being, patient safety and good quality care. The site provides a psychological toolkit, developed by a collaborative team (PRoMIS) who sourced the best available resources under the principles of Psychological First Aid (PFA). Support extends the workplace to needs at home and provides information for family, friends and colleagues. In its first six months of operation the Hub has been accessed over 50,000 times. 



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