Health and social care - everyone matters pulse survey: national report 2020

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care during the initial COVID-19 period.

Workload and Job Security 

Workload concerns are mentioned by staff responding to the open question about their worries, for some in the context of having too much work and for others concerns for their future employment.


15% of staff answering the open question, say they are worried by their excessive workload and 7% believe staff shortages are an issue. Staff also mention the overall volume of work and additional complications caused by COVID-19 measures. For staff with workload concerns this often converts into concerns around work-life balance and the impact on their family. 

Several stories illustrate how Boards, teams and individuals are supporting staff in balancing work and home: 

Employee Voices

Support for a shielding member of staff from others:

"going miles out of their way doing my shopping each.. throwing in sweets, treats and flowers when they thought I might like something special .. forever keeping in touch to make sure I was okay ..and what they could do for me with such grace and good humour"

NHS Forth Valley


The team developed a range of tools to help staff manage work and home pressures:

NHS Dumfries & Galloway

Job Security

10% of staff who answered the question about worries, have concerns around job security, often because they are on fixed-term contracts or have been working on COVID-19 projects and are unsure what will happen when those come to an end.



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