Health and social care - everyone matters pulse survey: national report 2020

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care during the initial COVID-19 period.

Appendix 7: Open Question Analysis: Worries

Open responses to the question "Thinking about your experiences of work over the last 6 months, what are you currently most worried about?" have been classified into themes using a semi-automated process. A sample of staff responses were manually reviewed and an initial grouping and themes framework developed. The automated process then assigns each response to one or more of those groupings, by searching for individual words or phrases. The results of this process have then been manually refined and groupings/themes adjusted in order develop the final themes as illustrated below:

As an automated process it is possible that a minority of comments have been incorrectly assigned. For example, where a member of staff references a worry within the support question, or where the words used are either different to those used by others or are misspelt (frequent misspellings are included within the definitions).


Groups Themes Illustration of topics, words and phrases included
Career Development Career Progression Career progression, promotion
Development, opportunity to progress
Not Using Skills Skills, de-skilled, working in area where core skills not being used
Morale Morale Morale, fatigue
Management & Culture Line Manager Line manager, manager, boss, supervisor
Senior Management Executive, Board, directors, leadership team, senior leaders
Lack of leadership, mismanagement
Communications Communication, lack of information
Changing Guidance Guidelines changing, unfocussed, inconsistency
Treatment at Work Inequality, bullying, unfair treatment, harassed, feeling excluded, 
Lack of teamwork Team behaviours, politics, friction, difficult working relationships
Patient/Client Care Patient/Client Care – Current (c. September 2020) Waiting times, capacity, lack of face-to-face contact, caseload
Patient/Client Care – Future Future waiting lists, backlogs of non-urgent, backlogs of referrals/non-COVID, access to services
Returning to the workplace Public Transport Transport, bus, train, tram Not feeling safe on the journey
Returning to Workplace Going back, returning to the office/workplace/clinic etc.
Feeling COVID-Safe at Work Social distancing, space, screens, hygiene
Safety in shared spaces
Over-crowding, other people (staff or patients) not observing guidelines)
PPE PPE, masks, gowns, protective clothes
Working from Home Personal Challenges Loneliness, isolation
Working from home difficulties (space, interruptions etc.)
  IT Support/Technical Challenges Internet connection, computer equipment IT Support, poor IT
Workload Work-Life Balance Work-life balance
  Excessive Workload Unrealistic workload, too much work, competing priorities, lack of resources
  Not Enough Work, Job Security Not enough work, not busy
Fixed-term contract
Job security, losing job/redundancy
  Staff Shortages Not enough staff, understaffed
Staff shortages

COVID-19 and Personal Worries

Groups Themes Illustration of topics, words and phrases included
COVID-19 Second Wave Second wave, threat of COVID-19 returning, infection rate, lockdown, COVID threat etc.
Catching COVID-19 Getting infected, getting COVIDCOVID and personal health
Economic Financial Personal financial worries, Health and Social Care funding
Government, Economy Government handling of COVID, fears around the economy
Health & Well-Being Personal Health Issues General health concerns, mental well-being, fear of burn-out, stress and anxiety
Family Health & Well-Being General or specific family members health concerns
The Future The future/the unknown Unknown, uncertainties
Moving forward, 'new normal'
  No Worries  



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