Health and social care - everyone matters pulse survey: national report 2020

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care during the initial COVID-19 period.

Appendix 7: Open Question Analysis: Support

Open responses to the question "Thinking about your experiences of work over the last 6 months, what is most supporting your well-being?" have been classified into themes using a semi-automated process. A sample of staff responses were manually reviewed and an initial grouping and themes framework developed. The automated process then assigns each response to one or more of those groupings, by searching for individual words or phrases. The results of this process have then been manually reviewed and groupings/themes adjusted in order develop the final themes as illustrated below:

As an automated process it is possible that a minority of comments have been incorrectly assigned. For example where a member of staff references a worry within the support question, or where the words used are either different to those used by others or are misspelt (frequent miss-spellings are included within the definitions).


Group Themes Illustration of topics, words and phrases included
Team Team Team
People I work with
Colleagues Colleagues, workmates, co-workers, peers
Leadership Line Manager Line manager, manager, boss, supervisor etc.
Named roles e.g. charge nurse, clinical lead etc.
Senior Management/Organisation Organisation,
Senior leadership, directors etc.
Communications Communication, information sharing
Working Arrangements Working from home Working from home, home working, remote working
Flexible working/ Work-life balance Flexi, flexible working, work-life balance
MS Teams and technology MS Teams, Microsoft, Office 365
Virtual meetings, Zoom etc.
Going to the workplace Office, hospital, clinic, going to work
Being able to work Being able/continuing to work
Being paid/having an income, work as source well-being support
PPE PPE, masks, protective equipment Infection control, cleanliness Testing
Patients Supporting Patients Patients, clients, residents, patient families
  Nothing at work Nothing, nothing at work


Groups Themes Illustration of topics, words and phrases included
Family & Friends Family Family Individual family members – partner, wife, husband, parent, child, siblings etc.
Friends Friend Mates Friendship 
Hobbies Pets Pets including individual animals, dogs, cats etc.
Exercise & Relaxation Exercise including individual activities, walking, running etc. Sports Fitness activities Gardening Food & diet
Help & Support Self-help Meditation, relaxation techniques Inner strength, mental attitude Faith Personal resilience, myself
Professional Help Counselling Medication Well-being hub, occupational health etc.
Government Guidance Shielding Shielding
Adhering to Guidance Advice, guidance, following rules



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