Health and social care - everyone matters pulse survey: national report 2020

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care during the initial COVID-19 period.

Ministerial Foreword for Everyone Matters Pulse Survey Report 2020

The emergence of COVID-19 has been significant and all-encompassing, and I am conscious that words alone cannot describe the true impact this has had on  everyone, but perhaps  more acutely, across our Health and Social Care services and those who work in them.  The challenges that have been faced in our emergency response have been substantial and Health and Social Care staff as always have demonstrated what a valuable contribution they make in delivering good patient/client care and quality services.  As such, now more than ever, it has been vital that we hear from staff about their experiences of work during this period.  

This report is a detailed analysis of the Everyone Matters Pulse Survey, that has been developed using the national iMatter Continuous Improvement Programme methodology, to support staff in a focussed way and in recognition of the changing priorities and pressures on the workforce over the last months.  The survey has been carried out by Webropol Ltd, an independent company commissioned by the Scottish Government, with all 22 Health Boards and 30 Health and Social Care Partnerships in Scotland taking part.  I would like to personally thank every one of you who took part to make your voice heard. 

I was deeply affected by the stories of those experiencing change and hardship in their role and personal life, all the more remarkable and impressive that staff continued to show strong commitment and dedication, whilst at the same time managing similar  worries that everyone has about the impact of the pandemic on their personal lives and their loved ones. But I was heartened to know staff have taken these challenges to come together to ensure that fellow colleagues and patients/clients alike felt supported, safe and recognised throughout the pandemic period.  The commitment and pride felt across the service is truly remarkable.  I expect senior leaders and managers across health and social care to reflect seriously on this report, show appreciation and value for the efforts made by staff and their achievements. You have used your voices and I have heard you. I am committed to using your experiences as a real opportunity to inform the remobilisation planning as we continue to respond to the second wave of the pandemic.

Although the Pulse Survey has been implemented to focus on staff experience during the COVID-19 period, it should be noted that this forms one element of a whole system approach to continually improve our staff experience.   We intend to recommence the iMatter Programme in 2021 and continue work developing a new, bespoke Dignity at Work tool, enhanced well-being and resilience strategies and wider equalities, diversity and inclusion action.  I strongly encourage everyone to shape the way forward and have their say by participating in future surveys.  

Finally, please accept my personal thanks to each and every person who has been working across Health and Social Care; thank you for your professionalism, commitment and sacrifice during this period.  Supporting Scotland's response to the ongoing pandemic has been no small task and you should feel great pride in what you have accomplished.  Your experience and your views continue to matter and I am grateful to you for your involvement in the Everyone Matters Pulse Survey.

Jeane Freeman OBE, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport 



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