Estimation of sectoral CAP payment 'envelopes' 2019

This report uses data on the level of past funding provided to individual farm businesses and Standard Output (SO) values to estimate notional payment ‘envelopes’ to different sectors.


1. Scottish Envelope Data Sources: 2005 -Thomson and Moxey evidence to Bew Review; 2014 and 2019 – Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture using official exchange rates.

2. Farmer-led climate change groups - Agriculture and the environment - (

3. Thomson, S. and Moxey, S.P. (2020) Structure and Support of the Scottish Beef Sector 2019 – impact of CAP 2015 reforms. Available at: Suckler Beef Climate Scheme: research papers

4. Business Reference Number – reflects an individual business unit from an agricultural support perspective (and it may contain more than one agricultural holding).

5. FADN Typology Handbook

6. excludes Young Farmer Uplift as that data was not provided for analysis

7. Rural Payments and Services / Basic Payment Scheme

8. Rural Payments and Services / Basic Payment Scheme full guidance / Greening

9. Rural Payments and Services / Less Favoured Area Support Scheme (LFASS)

10. Rural Payments and Services / Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme (Mainland and Islands)

11. Rural Payments and Services / Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme

12. Rural Payments and Services / Beef Efficiency Scheme

13. After consultation with RPID we believe that the number of BPS recipients appears as 17,461 due to BPS penalties.

14. Using 2019 official exchange rate of €1 = £0.89092

15. SO includes all activities within a business, including those that did not have support allocated

16. Agriculture, rural and fisheries statistics: standard output coefficients

17. €1 = £0.89092

18. The methodology used in allocation of SOs to sectors was submitted to RESAS.

19. LCA vs Farm Type and Land Use - Future CAP Payments

20. Definitions from: - Less Favoured Areas



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