Estimation of sectoral CAP payment 'envelopes' 2019

This report uses data on the level of past funding provided to individual farm businesses and Standard Output (SO) values to estimate notional payment ‘envelopes’ to different sectors.

Glossary of acronyms and terms

AECS: Agri-Environment Climate Scheme

BES: Beef Efficiency Scheme

BPS: Basic Payment Scheme

BRN: Business Reference Number

CAP: Common Agricultural Policy

CTS: Cattle Tracing System of the British Cattle Movement Service

Envelope: total amount of support allocated to specific sector – allocated at a business level and then aggregated to sectoral and national level (Scottish Envelope)

FGS: Forestry Grant Schemes

Greening: Greening Payment

JAC: June Agricultural Census

LFA: Less Favoured Areas are defined are defined by: (i) The presence of poor land of poor productivity, which is difficult to cultivate and with a limited potential which cannot be increased except at excessive cost, and which is mainly suitable for extensive livestock farming. (ii) lower than average production, compared to the main indices of economic performance in agriculture. (iii) a low or dwindling population predominantly dependent on agricultural activity, the accelerated decline of which could cause rural depopulation[20]

LFASS: Less Favoured Areas Support Scheme

Pillar I: Direct support of the CAP funded through the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund

RESAS: Rural and Environment Science and Analytical Services

SFP: Single Farm Payment

SG-RPID: Scottish Government – Rural Payment and Inspections Division

SO: Standard Outputs are used to attach standardised monetary outputs to individual crops and livestock types that are used to classify farm types in accordance with European Commission regulations.

SSBSSI: Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme - Island

SSBSSM: Scottish Suckler Beef Support Scheme

SUSSS: Scottish Upland Sheep Support Scheme



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