1. Pesticide Usage in Scotland: Rodenticides on Grassland and Fodder Farms 2021

    This report presents the results of a survey of rodenticide use on grassland and fodder farms in Scotland in 2021.

  2. Science of salmon stocking: report

    The Science of Stocking report "scientific considerations in stocking policy development for river managers Scottish marine and freshwater science Vol 14 No 3" brings together the science behind the various considerations needed to be taken prior to and following stocking, with a view to aiding design of salmon management strategies that balance risks and benefits within a broad policy framework.

  3. Wild salmon strategy: implementation plan 2023 to 2028

    Plan setting out the actions to be taken over a five year period to 2028, to achieve the vision as outlined in the Scottish wild salmon strategy published in January 2022.

  4. Commission for the land-based learning review: report to Scottish Ministers

    The report produced by the Commission, a short term advisory group established to provide independent, evidence-based advice and submitted to Scottish Ministers on how to attract more people into land-based and aquaculture sectors by improving learning pathways.

  5. Highly Protected Marine Areas: policy framework

    Sets out our proposed definition and aims of Highly Protected Marine Areas (HPMAs) and what this could mean for different activities taking place in Scottish waters. Also describes how we will account for socio-economic factors alongside ecological considerations and proposed new legal powers.

  6. Wildlife management: consultation

    We are consulting on proposals relating to: introducing a licensing scheme for grouse shooting; increased regulation for muirburn (the burning of vegetation to maintain moorland); banning the use of glue traps; and increased regulation of other wildlife traps.

  7. Wildlife crime in Scotland: 2020 annual report

    The ninth wildlife crime annual report, with new data from the financial year 2019 to 2020.

  8. Moorland grouse - Flubendazole use for parasitic worm control: preliminary environmental assessment

    A report assessing the potential impact on the wider environment of the use of flubendazole in medicated grit.

  9. Grouse Moor Management Group recommendations: Scottish Government response

    The Scottish Government's response to the independent Grouse Moor Management Group’s report (the ‘Werritty Review’).

  10. Driven grouse moors - socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts: summary report

    A summary report of findings from research into socioeconomic and biodiversity impacts of driven grouse moors and the employment rights of gamekeepers

  11. Use of Fixed Penalty Notices for wildlife offences in Scotland: consultation analysis

    Report analysing responses to the 2019 to 2020 targeted stakeholder consultation on the use of Fixed Penalty Notices for wildlife offences.

  12. Deer management review

    Independent recommendations published.

  13. Grouse moor management

    Licensing option under consideration.

  14. Beavers given protected status

    Mitigation measures introduced for farms.

  15. Plans to maximise venison in domestic and international markets

    Strategic vision outlines sector growth to 2030.

  16. Search for salmon

    New research to improve monitoring of wild salmon stocks.

  17. Supporting Scottish salmon

    New initiative to improve health of wild salmon.

  18. DNA breakthrough for wildlife crime

    Recovery of human DNA to help solve bird of prey offences.

  19. Annual wildlife crime report

    Offence numbers down on previous year.

  20. Wildlife Crime Penalties Review Group: report

    Report from the review group commissioned by Scottish Government to examine whether the penalties for wildlife crimes were adequate and a deterrent.

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