Scottish Health Survey 2016 - volume 1: main report

Statistics relating to the health of people living in Scotland.

References and notes

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23 The translation was carried out solely to ensure that speakers of other languages were not excluded from the Scottish Health Survey. There were insufficient numbers of non-English speaking people in the sample to enable comparisons of their health with the rest of the population. As the primary intention was to prevent the exclusion of people due to language barriers, the translated WEMWBS questions were not subject to the full extent of validation that would need to take place if the questionnaire was being used to assess wellbeing in a whole population of non-English speakers. It is therefore possible that the translated WEMWBS scale (and other questions in the survey) is not directly comparable to the English version. However, the number of interviews that used translated materials was judged to be too small to affect the national estimates presented here so all cases have been included in the analysis.

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