The experiences of people who sell or exchange sex and their interaction with support services: lived experience engagement

This research informs our commitment to develop a model for Scotland which effectively tackles and challenges men’s demand for prostitution. It seeks to map service provision in Scotland, and gathers lived experience input on service experiences.


1. Encompass Snapshot Briefing (

2. Equally safe - challenging men's demand for prostitution: consultation analysis - (

3. Violence Against Women and Girls Partnerships are multi-agency partnerships supporting and co-ordinating professionals to prevent and eradicate all form of violence against women.

4. Equally Safe: Scotland's strategy to eradicate violence against women - (

5. This paper provides a framework for thematic analysis, a method of identifying patterns or themes within a qualitative data set.

6. The Encompass Network is a network of specialist support services in Scotland, who meet with a shared mission to develop good practice in preventing commercial sexual exploitation, in supporting those involved in selling or exchanging sexual activity and in support around exit. The agencies involved have extensive experience of working with those who sell or exchange sex.

7. Encompass Snapshot Briefing (

8. Sugar dating has been described in research as 'dating arrangements based on an exchange of intimacy and companionship for financial or other forms of support' (Gunnarson and Strid, 2021)



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