The experiences of people who sell or exchange sex and their interaction with support services: lived experience engagement

This research informs our commitment to develop a model for Scotland which effectively tackles and challenges men’s demand for prostitution. It seeks to map service provision in Scotland, and gathers lived experience input on service experiences.

Appendix G: Interview Schedule

Theme A: Service Interaction

20. Do you currently go to any services?

21. What do you like about this service?

22. How easy is it for you to engage with this service?

23. Is there anything you would change?

24. Can you tell me about good experiences you have had at other services?

Theme B: Barriers and Challenges

25. Can you tell me about a time you have stopped going to a service and why?

26. What stops you from going to some services in the first place?

27. Is there anything that would make it easier?

28. Why do other people you know who sell sex not come to services?

29. What were your experiences of accessing support throughout the pandemic? How about online support?

Theme C: Future Service Design

30. What extra support would help you right now?

31. What would have helped you in the past?

32. Do you think there is any support that might have stopped you selling sex in the first place?

33. Is there anything else you want to add?



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