The land of Scotland and the common good: report

The final report of the Land Reform Review Group.

Annex 2

Land Reform Review Group


Members [1]

Alison Elliot (Chair) - former Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

John Watt - Chair of Scottish Land Fund Committee

Ian Cooke - Director of the Development Trusts Association Scotland

Pip Tabor - Project Manager of the Southern Uplands Partnership

Special Adviser [2]

Robin Callander - Independent Specialist Adviser

Advisers [3]

Professor David Adams - Ian Mactaggart Professor of Property and Urban Studies, University of Glasgow

Amanda Bryan - Rural and Community Development Consultant

Malcolm Combe - Lecturer in School of Law, University of Aberdeen

Simon Fraser - Solicitor, Anderson MacArthur, Stornoway

Priscilla Gordon Duff - Partner, Drummuir Estate

Richard Heggie - Director, Urban Animation

Donald MacRae - Chief Economist, Lloyd's Banking Group Scotland

Professor Jeff Maxwell - former Director of the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute

Dr David Miller - Research Leader, James Hutton Institute

Bob Reid - former Convenor of the National Access Forum

Agnes Rennie - Chair of Urras Oighreachd Ghabhsainn

Dr Madhu Satsangi - Head of Housing Studies, School of Applied Social Science, University of Stirling


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