The land of Scotland and the common good: report

The final report of the Land Reform Review Group.

List of Illustrations

Fig. 1 Satellite View of Scotland [2]

Fig. 2 Population Distribution by Local Authority Areas in Scotland

Fig. 3 Percentage of Titles recorded in the Land Register [3]

Fig. 4 Areas recorded in the Land Register [4]

Fig. 5 Crown and non-crown owned foreshore in Scotland

Fig. 6 Scottish Government's Rural Estates

Fig. 7 Public Land Ownership in Scotland

Fig. 8 Areas where Gold and Silver Rights in Scotland are not owned by the Crown

Fig. 9 Crown Property Rights in Scotland

Fig. 10 The 26 Historic National Properties conveyed by the Crown to the Secretary of State for Scotland in 1998/99

Fig. 11 Scotland's National Forest Estate

Fig. 12 Land around Loch Katrine leased by Forestry Commission Scotland

Fig. 13 Common Good Funds held by Local Authorities in Scotland

Fig. 14 Community Land Ownership in the Highlands and Islands Enterprise Area

Fig. 15 Scotland's Trust Ports

Fig. 16 Number of Community Asset Acquisitions 1991-2011

Fig. 17 Local Community Land Rights

Fig. 18 Sites sold through the National Forest Land Scheme

Fig. 19 Average annual earnings of a UK building worker and the average house price for decade

Fig. 20 Housing Statistics for Scotland 2013: Key Trends Summary, Scottish Government

Fig. 21 Scottish Government's Urban/Rural Classification

Fig. 22 Land Ownership Pattern in the Cairngorms National Park

Fig. 23 Land Capability for Agriculture in Scotland [5]

Fig. 24 Number of Land Owners in Scotland in the 1870s and 1970s

Fig. 25 Private Land Ownership in Rural Scotland 1970-2013

Fig. 26 Land Owned and Managed by Environmental NGOs in Scotland [6]

Fig. 27 Prices of Different Types of Land 2003-13

Fig. 28 Price of Land compared to other Commodities 2003-2013

Fig. 29 Number of Crofts Owned or Rented 1960-2005

Fig. 30 Current Areas of Scotland covered by Crofting Tenure [7]

Fig. 31 Scottish Government's Crofting Estates

Fig. 32 Number of Agricultural Holdings Owned or Rented 1912-1980

Fig. 33 Agricultural Land Area Owned or Rented 1990-2013 and the Number of Agricultural Holdings Owned or Rented 1990-2013

Fig. 34 Numbers of each type of Agricultural Tenancies 2005-2012

Fig. 35 Areas of Rented Land for each type of Agricultural Tenancy 2008-2013

Fig. 36 Tenanted Agricultural Holdings in Scotland 2013 (excluding crofts)

Fig. 37 Scotland's District Salmon Fisheries Boards

Fig. 38 Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Protection Orders

Fig. 39 Salmon Fishings held by the Crown as Ancient Possessions

Fig. 40 Deer Management Groups in Scotland (2012)


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