The land of Scotland and the common good: report

The final report of the Land Reform Review Group.

Section 10 - Publicly Owned Mineral Rights Footnotes

1. Town and Country Planning legislation defines 'minerals' as "all substances in or under land of a kind ordinarily worked for removal by underground or surface working, except that it does not include peat for purposes other than for sale" ( BGS website)

2. Crown Estate Review Working Group ( CERWG) Report

3. Main source of background information is HMRC website (legal overview for taxation and oil industry)

4. Other statutory corporations include, for example, the Crown Estate Commissioners and Forestry Commissioners, but unlike the Coal Commission and its successors, they do not own the assets which they manage

5. Coal Authority website

6. Scottish Environmental Newsletter ( SCENES) January 2014

7. SG Consultation on Opencast Coal Field Restoration and Effective Regulation. (2013) (sec.2)

8. Ibid

9. Ibid

10. Ibid (Q23)

11. In 2011, the payment rate was 0.17p per tonne for new leases and the administration rate 0.01p per tonne ( SG Ibid Q.21)

12. SG Op cit (Q 21)

13. SCENES Op cit


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