The land of Scotland and the common good: report

The final report of the Land Reform Review Group.

Section 8 - Compulsory Purchase Footnotes

1. SG Planning Circular No 6/2011 CPOs (potentially includes private utility companies under licence)

2. SG Planning Circular No 5/2011 Disposal of Surplus Government Land - The Crichel Down Rules

3. SG Planning Circular No 6/2011 Op cit

4. Ibid

5. SG briefing

6. SG Op cit

7. 'cleaning' in the sense of removing particular conditions or burdens in the titles to any of the land

8. 8th Programme Of Law Reform 2010-14 ( SLC 2010)

9. SLC 2010

10. SLC Op cit

11. LRPG (1999)


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