Health and social care staff experience survey 2022

Independent report by Webropol providing detailed information and analysis of staff experience in health and social care across Scotland during 2022

Ministerial Foreword for Staff Experience Report 2022

Health and Social Care staff have been central to progressing with our Recovery Plan in response to the difficulties seen in the last few years. The cumulative impact of this means that substantial pressure remains a reality for now and for some time to come. In spite of this, everyone continues to work tirelessly to ensure that quality care and services continue to be delivered and the resilience, adaptability, compassion and kindness demonstrated has been remarkable and is valued deeply.

It is heartening to see that over 110,000 staff from across Scotland have chosen to share their own story through iMatter this year. This report documents the combined lived experiences of all those individuals, offering a glimpse of what life has been like working during these most challenging of times. It also shines a well-deserved light on the hard work of local teams whose action plans have created tangible improvements. Sharing these improvements and team stories offers inspiration to others.

The overall results for 2022 suggest a renewed sense of purpose and confidence, with more people than ever before indicating they feel appreciated for their efforts, treated fairly and that their ideas and suggestions are listened to and acted upon.

Scottish Government continues to work in partnership to gain a greater understanding of your lived experience and use this to develop measures that will deliver real change in the lives of the workforce. Our National Workforce Strategy sets out our workforce vision and commitment to alleviate workforce pressure, including increased recruitment, the promotion of innovation by the Centre for Sustainable Delivery and additional training opportunities via NHS Scotland Academy. The refreshed Health & Care Digital Strategy emphasises upskilling the existing workforce and enabling confidence to embrace innovative digital solutions. I am also delighted that the new Improving Wellbeing and Workforce Cultures Strategy will enable a cohesive national approach to leadership, culture and wellbeing, ensuring our workforce are supported in and by their workplace. We also continue to work jointly to review NHSScotland workforce policies, creating standardised, person-centred policies which champion our values and best practice.

I once again wish to thank you all for the individual parts you have played in ensuring that we have weathered the storm together. You are the beating heart of Scotland’s Health and Social Care services and using your voice is paramount to ensuring our success in delivering improved staff experience and patient care.

Humza Yousaf, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Social Care



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