Economic Report on Scottish Agriculture, 2016

Presents an overall picture of Scottish agriculture using data from the various agricultural surveys that RESAS manage.

5.6 Other livestock

Other livestock collected in the census consisted mainly of horses, deer, goats, camelids and donkeys. The number of horses has increased by 23 per cent over the last ten years to 36,400, though with very few used for agricultural purposes. The number of farmed deer fell slightly in the first half of the decade, though has risen for each of the last four years to around 7,200 in June 2015. Data on camelids (alpacas, llamas, etc.) have been collected since 2010, with around 1,800 in 2015.

Income from other livestock and other livestock products, which also includes income from hatching eggs, stud farms, game and honey, is estimated in TIFF at £30 million, suggesting very little change from last year, though there is little data on the actual value of these produce.


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