Developing a community child health service for the 21st century

A report on a review of the community child health service in Scotland.

Annexe 14: List of figures and tables

Figure 1: OECD Wellbeing Country Ranking 2000
Figure 2: SDQ Individual Domain Scores by SIMD quintile (4 months) ( GUS Study 2009)
Figure 3: Interaction of Positive and Negative Factors in a Child's Life
Figure 4: Mismatch between Investment and Opportunity
Figure 5: Public spending and brain development
Figure 6: Incidence of Type 1 Diabetes in Scotland by Age at Diagnosis
Figure 7: Modelling the Future: Vision of Care across Acute and Community Settings ( RCPCH 2008)
Figure 8: Age of Acute and Community Consultants ( RCPCH 2007)
Figure 9: Present configuration of the Paediatric Workforce in Scotland ( RCPCH 2009)
Figure 10: Career grade paediatricians in Scotland by Gender ( RCPCH 2009)
Figure 11: Consultant paediatricians by Specialty ( RCPCH 2009)
Figure 12: Proportion of trained paediatricians in CCH/Acute (C.Ni Brolchain 2008)
Figure 13: SASG doctors in paediatrics in Scotland 2007-9 ( RCPCH Census 2009)
Figure 14: Acute and CCH consultants UK - Age Profile % ( RCPCH 2009)
Figure 15: Age of Paediatricians by Grade in Scotland ( ISD Scotland 2010)
Figure 16: Proportion of UK paediatric consultants over 50 by Specialty ( RCPCH Census 2009)
Figure 17: Consultants and SASG paediatricians by age in Scotland ( RCPCH 2009)
Figure 18: Expected Paediatric CCTs to 2014
Figure 19: If a SASG post became vacant would it be replaced by a Consultant post? ( RCPCH Census 2009)
Table 1: Deanery Responses regarding CCH Specialist Trainees
Table 2: Revised CCH Workforce Guide Clinical PAs Required for 300,000 population
Table 3: Estimated Required CCH Establishment for Population of 300,000
Table 4: Estimated Whole of Scotland CCH Workforce Requirements


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