Developing a community child health service for the 21st century

A report on a review of the community child health service in Scotland.

Section 11: 2010 NES Specialist Paediatric Trainee Questionnaire


The questionnaire was sponsored jointly by NES and the SGHD workforce division and RCPCH Scotland. The design of the questionnaire was agreed by the Steering Group and reference was made to a questionnaire issued to trainees in 2000 by Dr Linda Ross and colleagues 62 . The questionnaire covered a range of topics including demographics; future career intentions; training experience; hospital work and study/research facilities.

The BMA also helped by circulating to their trainee representatives. It was formatted using Questback proprietary software to enable online completion and was issued via local directors of training in the Deaneries across Scotland. All 220 Specialist Trainees currently undertaking paediatric training in Scotland were sent links to the online questionnaire by e-mail. There was a 25% response rate (55/220) despite multiple reminders to the trainees and the high-level sponsorship.

For fuller account of results see Annexe 6.

Summary of Results

Although only 55 out of 220 trainees replied it is not known whether the respondents were more or less likely to be interested in CCH than the non-responders to the questionnaire. Only 11% of the respondents expressed a wish to work as full-time CCH paediatricians versus 62% acute general paediatrics. About two-thirds expected to have had 6-9 months training in CCH (presumed core training) before they attain their CCT. Only 11% would have spent two or more years in CCH. In general, training experience in CCH was rated better than 5 out of 10 by the majority of responders.


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