Developing a community child health service for the 21st century

A report on a review of the community child health service in Scotland.

Annexe 1: List of Steering Group members

Alison Ritchie (Barnardo's, Scotland)
Dr Catherine Calderwood (Senior Medical Officer, Maternal and Child Health)
Kerry Chalmers (Scottish Government, Workforce)
Dr Alastair Cook (Scottish Government, Workforce)
Donna Hunter ( NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde, Community Paediatric Nursing Manager
Dr Helen Gibson ( SACCH)
Fiona McManus ( HMIe)
Gillian Garvie (Scottish Government, Maternal and Child Health)
Dr Jim Beattie (Chair, RCPCH)
Dr Katherine McKay (National Clinical Lead for Children and Young People's Health in Scotland)
Shirley Laing (Deputy Director for Early Years and Social Services Workforce)
Mary Boyle ( NES)
Dr Deirdre McCormick (Scottish Government, Chief Nursing Officer Directorate)
Prof. Anne O'Hare (University of Edinburgh)
Dr Rachael Wood (Information Services Division)
Nicola Robinson (Scottish Government, Allied Health Professions Officer)
Saffa Baxter ( ADSW)
Simon Watson (Barnardo's Scotland)
Jonathan Wright (Scottish Government, ASD)
Dr Zoë Dunhill (Project Consultant)













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