Developing a community child health service for the 21st century

A report on a review of the community child health service in Scotland.

Annexe 2: BACCH list of recommended CCH services (2005)




Primary care of common child health problems and child health promotion/surveillance

Child Public Health :

a) overseeing health protection/promotion and prevention (eg: Sure Start initiatives, profiling local community, injury prevention)

b) vaccination and immunisation

c) Child Health Surveillance/ Promotion Coordinator

Education liaison & SEN

GPs/A&E doctors

Health visitors

Practice nurses/A&E nurses

Supported by paediatricians and child health nurses

Paediatrician* with an interest &/or public health nurses &/or Public Health physician with an interest in child health

Paediatrician with an interest supported by nurses & public health physicians

Paediatrician with an interest to liaise with primary care professionals undertaking CHS/P

Nurses should provide the main support to schools with clear referral pathways to appropriate secondary child health services, Paediatric input to support the nurses and provide medical advice to the LEA

Adequate levels of knowledge of primary level paediatrics in general practice - one practitioner with interest in child health

Paediatric skills in liaison and working with primary care

Basic training for all paediatricians & child health nurses in population paediatrics and more detailed training for those with a special interest

Basic child health skills for PH physicians

Training in vaccination and immunisation sufficient to act as an adviser and resource to immunisation programme providers

Training and experience in child health surveillance/ promotion sufficient to act as advisor and resource to providers

Enhanced training for nurses to undertake the increased responsibilities of this role

Training for paediatricians related to educational needs of children and the SEN process

Vulnerable children including looked after children, children in need, refugee and asylum seeking children and child protection

Paediatrician with special interest in child protection and vulnerable children, supported by highly trained nurses

Child health practitioners (particularly HVs and nursery nurses in primary care)

Adequate general level of awareness with additional training for nurses and paediatricians with a special interest

Behavioural paediatrics including services for enuresis and encopresis



Children with longstanding illness including those with complex needs

Adolescent & transition services

Nurses in schools and community services

Paediatricians in close liaison with CAMHS

Trained neonatal screeners

3 possible combinations:

1. Paediatrician trained in audiology

2. Audiology consultant working closely with paediatrician

3. Paediatrician with an interest working with paediatric audiology technician

Primary care practitioners with sufficient expertise to distinguish normal from abnormal development

Paediatrician with special interest and nurses and PAMs

Paediatrician with special interest and nurses and PAMs

Paediatrician, nurses and PAMs

Special training for Paediatricians and nurses with an interest in this area

Improved levels of training for primary care practitioners in the management of behavioural problems in childhood

Specialist level training for Paediatricians and nurses with an interest

Specific training in screening

MSc in Audiology desirable

Paediatrician should have a good grounding in audiology

As above

Adequate level of training in child development for key primary care child health practitioners

Specialist training for those offering a secondary service

Specialist training including palliative care for those offering a secondary service

Specialist training for those offering service (there may be a need for all practitioners to receive enhanced training in the management of adolescent problems and particularly transition issues)


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