Restricting alcohol advertising and promotion: consultation

This consultation seeks views on potential restrictions to alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland.

17. End Questions

17.1 The consultation sets out a range of different options for restricting the advertising and marketing of alcohol products across Scotland. As previously stated, we know that advertising and marketing has a cumulative effect across many different channels. This reflects the way that marketing campaigns for alcohol products operate; these take place across a mix of marketing different channels.

17.2 Following on from this consultation, Scottish Government could take action to restrict alcohol marketing on one, many or none of the marketing channels set out in the consultation. It would be helpful if respondents could set out if they think a comprehensive approach would be appropriate and if so, how this could be taken forward.

17.3 There are some areas within the consultation where there would be potential overlap between restrictions. For example, if both the display of alcohol advertising in public areas was prohibited and alcohol sports sponsorship, the scope of both of these restrictions may cover pitch-side signage or billboards around sports venues.

Question 38

Do you think the Scottish Government should look to introduce a comprehensive package of restrictions across a number of marketing channels? If so, what do you think this package should include?

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Don’t Know

Please explain your answer in the text box.

17.4 We would welcome views on if there are any other methods or channels not considered within this consultation that should be further restricted.

Question 39

What, if any, additional alcohol marketing methods or channels not covered in the consultation would you like Scottish Government to consider restricting and why?

Please provide your answer in the text box.

17.5 The evidence presented in this consultation is wide ranging and extensive but we welcome any further evidence that should be considered as the policy on further restrictions is developed.

Question 40

What further evidence on alcohol marketing would you like the Scottish Government to consider?

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17.6 The Scottish Government acknowledges that the restrictions presented here could have significant implications for those who sell, distribute or manufacture alcohol. It is important that alcohol and advertising industry views are provided to allow us to consider the potential impacts that proposals might have, as well as any support that could be provided alongside any restrictions.

Question 41

If you sell, distribute, advertise or manufacture alcohol, or represent those who do, how do you think the potential restrictions in this consultation paper would impact you, and the wider alcohol sector?

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