Restricting alcohol advertising and promotion: consultation

This consultation seeks views on potential restrictions to alcohol advertising and promotion in Scotland.

5. Proposed restrictions

5.1 The range of harmful impacts that alcohol marketing can have are set out in the first section of this consultation. With these in mind, a range of potential areas of restriction are set out within this section, with views sought on each of these. Further development, and consultation, on the full detail of any proposed restrictions will take place in due course.

5.2 The strong academic evidence on the impact that alcohol marketing can have is not repeated throughout this section, as this applies generally to the various marketing tools and channels set out here. The primary rationale is that alcohol marketing overall, whichever particular marketing channel is being viewed, is harmful by increasing the appeal and attractiveness of alcohol amongst children and young people. Where there is further evidence on for a specific marketing channel it is added within the relevant section below.

5.3 It is crucial that any potential restrictions to reduce the volume of alcohol marketing are as comprehensive as possible. We know that it is the cumulative nature of alcohol marketing that negatively influences children and young people rather than individual channels or methods. We also know that, when other countries have restricted individual channels of alcohol marketing, advertising activity has increased on non-restricted channels. This was also true of tobacco marketing restrictions.

5.4 Evidence from other European countries also sets out that more comprehensive restrictions have proved to be more effective and easier to implement.

5.5 As previously mentioned, we will consider the areas where Scotland can implement restrictions on advertising within devolved powers. Some of the areas discussed in the consultation (e.g. TV and radio advertising) may require the UK Government to take action. Given the value of taking a comprehensive approach to restriction, there is value in gathering views on all the areas discussed in this paper.



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