Anti-racism in Scotland: progress review 2023

Detailed examination of progress made on commitments contained within the Race Equality Framework (2016-2030) and the Immediate Priorities Plan (2021-2023).

3. List of Acronyms

AIGG – Antiracism Interim Governance Group on Developing National Antiracism Infrastructure

AREP – Antiracism in Education Programme

ASL - Additional Support for Learning

BAME – Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic

BEMIS – Black and Ethnic Minority Infrastructure in Scotland

BME – Black and Minority Ethnic

BRL – Building Racial Literacy

CEMVO – Council of Ethnic Minority Voluntary Organisations

CIAG - Careers Information, Advice & Guidance

COSLA – Convention of Scottish Local Authorities

CPD – Continuing Professional Development

CPP – Community Planning Partnership

CRER – Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights

CVD – Cardiovascular Disease

DITPEW - Diversity in the Teaching Profession and Education Workforce

DYW – Developing the Young Workforce

EDI – Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

EDIP – Equality Data Improvement Programme

EDT – Ending Destitution Together

EHRC – Equality and Human Rights Commission

EHRF – Equality and Human Rights Fund

ELC – Early Learning and Childcare

EMA – Education Maintenance Allowance

EMF – Ethnic Minority Forum

EQIA – Equalities Impact Assessment

ERG – Expert Reference Group on Ethnicity and Covid-19

ES – Education Scotland

ESOL – English for Speakers of Other Languages

FSS – Fair Start Scotland

HES – Historic Environment Scotland

HMICS - His Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary in Scotland

HRL – High Risk List

IPP – Immediate Priorities Plan

IYS – Intercultural Youth Scotland

LCPAG – Local Child Poverty Action Group

ME – Minority Ethnic

MECOPP - Minority Ethnic Carers of People Project

NEO - National Equality Outcomes

NPC - National Performing Companies

NPF – National Performance Framework

NPFS - National Parent Forum of Scotland

NRPF - No Recourse to Public Funds

NRS – National Records Scotland

PHS – Public Health Scotland

PIRC - Police Investigations & Review Commissioner

PLL - Professional Learning Activities

PSED – Public Sector Equality Duty

R4HR – Race for Human Rights

REF – Race Equality Framework

RRRAP – Race Recruitment and Retention Action Plan

SAMEE - The Scottish Association of Minority Ethnic Educators

SCEN – Scottish Councils’ Equality Network

SDS – Skills Development Scotland

SEAP SG – Social Enterprise Action Plan Steering Group

SEMPER - Supporting Ethnic Minority Police employees for Equality in Race

SFC – Scottish Funding Council

SHR - Scottish Housing Regulator

SHRC - Scottish Human Rights Commission

SPA - Scottish Police Authority

SPPs – Strategic Policing Priorities

SRS – Skills Recognition Scotland

STEP - Scottish Traveller Education Programme

TSI – Third Sector Interface

WEF – Workplace Equality Fund

WSREC – West of Scotland Regional Equality Council



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