1. Publication

    31 Dec 2019

    Sustaining the Commitment: update report

    Updates and next steps from the 4 UK Chief Nursing Officers on the actions from the 2012 publication Strengthening the Commitment about learning disability nursing.

  2. Strategy/plan

    13 Jul 2017

    Nursing 2030 vision

    The Chief Nursing Officer's long term strategy to shape the future of the nursing workforce.

  3. Impact assessment

    11 Jun 2013

    Everyone Matters: 2020 Workforce Vision

    The 2020 Workforce Vision recognises the vital role of the workforce in responding to the challenges that NHSScotland is facing. It sets out a Vision for the workforce, the values that are shared across NHSScotland, and asks everyone who works for NHSScotland to play their part in supporting the changes and living the values.