COVID-19 cases on 28 December 2021

Breakdown of daily figures over the festive break.

Provisional data for 28 December indicates a continued high level of cases of COVID-19 being recorded. The daily totals for each of the 25, 26, 27 and 28 December are the highest recorded in Scotland since the start of the pandemic. 

Given that not everyone with symptoms books a test, and that some people can be infected and not have symptoms, the true number of infections is likely to be higher still.

The figures are:

25 December 2021: 8,252 cases

26 December 2021: 11,030 cases

27 December 2021: 10,562 cases

28 December 2021: 9,360 cases

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

“While these figures remain provisional, the significantly increased transmissibility of Omicron is reflected in the steep increase in cases now materialising, and we would expect to see case numbers rise further in the days to come. I am grateful for the continued efforts of the public in complying with the guidance issued in the run up to Christmas. Without this, it is likely that the figures would have been even higher.

“These figures serve to underline the importance of people continuing to get ‘boosted by the Bells’ and following the guidance to help slow the spread of COVID while we complete the accelerated booster programme.

“I know it is hard, but it is really important people continue to comply with the guidance over the New Year period. We must not underestimate the impact of Omicron. Even if the rate of hospitalisation associated with it is lower than past strains of the virus, case numbers this high will still put an inevitable further strain on the NHS, and create significant levels of disruption due to sickness absence across the economy and critical services. 

“In addition to observing good hand hygiene and wearing face coverings, please limit your contacts as much as possible, keep any essential indoor gatherings to a maximum of three households, and get boosted by the Bells.”


 The availability and quality of the data over the holiday weekends will be variable due to changes in operational arrangements and when and how people might seek testing or help.

Full catch up reporting will take place on 29 December and 5 January. This will provide the latest daily data for those days and the previous four days, and allow time to fully quality assure the data and ensure appropriate messaging and caveats are added if needed.

Rising infection levels are also resulting in increasing demand for PCR tests, however testing capacity remains available and this should not affect anyone looking to book a test. PCR test slots are released throughout the day. If anyone finds there are none available when booking, they should try again later in the day.

It is not possible to register deaths from COVID-19 as NRS registration offices are closed over the public holidays.

Ministers will continue to receive Management Information throughout the festive period.

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