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Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland

This is updated each day to provide the latest available data on COVID-19 in Scotland.

3 Jun 2020
Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland

Scottish numbers: 3 June 2020

  • 33 new confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • 11 new reported death of people who have tested positive

A total of 118,573 people in Scotland have been tested through NHS labs to date. Of these:

  • 103,069 were confirmed negative
  • 15,504 were positive

This will be an underestimate of the number of cases. Not everyone with the virus will display symptoms and not all those with symptoms will be tested.

Of the people who have tested positive:

  • 3,743 inpatients have been discharged from hospital since 5 March
  • 706 were in hospital last night: 20 of whom were in intensive care; plus 14 more people in intensive care with suspected COVID-19
  • 2,386 have died

Previous data for the figures reported are available at: Trends in daily data

Data by health board

Health board

Total confirmed cases to date

People in hospital at midnight (confirmed)

People in intensive care at midnight (confirmed or suspected)

Ayrshire and Arran








Dumfries and Galloway








Forth Valley








Greater Glasgow and Clyde




























Eileanan Siar (Western Isles)




Golden Jubilee National Hospital




Note: case numbers are by board of residence; numbers of inpatients are by location of the hospital.

(n/a – number of cases not applicable for Golden Jubilee National Hospital)

* less than five

Numbers in hospital were previously reported in this table as the total of confirmed and suspected. However from 5 May 2020 onwards these are confirmed only. This is due to discontinuity in suspected cases due to increased levels of screening.


On 2 June there were:

  • 3,641tests carried out by NHS Scotland in hospitals, care homes or the community, making a total of 178,821 COVID-19 tests through NHS labs to date.
  • in addition, there were 1,150 drive through and mobile tests carried out by the Regional Testing Centres in Scotland bringing the total to 61,770 tests to date.

As of 1 June, there were:

  • At least 39,372 key workers or symptomatic family members had been tested through NHS laboratories. Of those tested approximately 53% were healthcare workers or their families, 38% were social care staff and family members and 7% were from the rest of the public sector, including the prison service and firefighters.

Care homes

On 2 June there were:

  • 458 (42%) adult care homes with a current case of suspected COVID-19. At least one resident in the care home has exhibited symptoms during the last 14 days.
  • 668 (62%) adult care homes which have lodged at least one notification for suspected COVID-19 to the Care Inspectorate since the start of the epidemic. 502 of these care homes have reported more than one case of suspected COVID-19. 
  • 6,047 cumulative cases of suspected COVID-19 in care homes. This is an increase of 27 suspected cases on the previous day.
  • Further weekly information is available about COVID-19 cases in care homes, including cases by size, sector and location, and deaths reported to the Care Inspectorate.

Community health and care

On 2 June there were:

  • 2,651 calls to 111 and 393 calls to the Coronavirus Helpline. The number of calls to 111 includes all calls, whether or not they relate to COVID-19.
  • 1,628 Scottish Ambulance Service (SAS) attendances, of which 219 were for suspected COVID-19. SAS took 152 people to hospital with suspected COVID-19.
  • 730 people delayed in hospital. This is 882 less than the baseline period (04/03 weekly return). 

Health and social care staff

  • 4,784 NHS staff, or around 2.9% of the NHS workforce, reported as absent on 2 June due to a range of reasons related to COVID-19.
  • 3,049 staff were reported as absent in adult care homes due to COVID-19, based on returns received from 880 (81%) adult care homes as at 26 May. Staff absent due to COVID-19 represents 6.6% of all adult care home staff (46,237) for whom a return was provided.

The absence figures for NHS staff and care home staff are calculated in different ways and caution should be exercised in making comparisons – see the data sources and definitions document for full details.

Deaths of health and social care workers related to COVID-19

As at 2 June, we have been notified by Health Boards or the Care Inspectorate of 7 deaths of healthcare workers and 11 deaths of social care workers, related to COVID-19. We are not able to confirm how many of these staff contracted COVID-19 through their work. We update this information every Wednesday.

About this data and other data sources

Previous data is available at: Trends in daily dataAlso available as open data at

The data reported is management information based on a range of operational systems. While checks are completed before publication to ensure data robustness, due to the speed of reporting these data are not currently subject to the full range of processes and quality assurance that would be required for Official Statistics. For more information about the data please see Data definitions and sources.

The latest numbers will publish at 2pm each day. 

COVID-19: modelling the epidemic in Scotland

The Scottish Government, like other governments around the world, is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. A key part of this response is to model the potential spread and level of the virus in Scotland, and to compare the Scottish experience to other parts of the UK and other countries around the world. The results of this work are used to help the Scottish Government and the wider public sector, and in particular the health service, plan and put in place what is needed to keep us safe and treat people who have virus e.g. to decide how many Intensive Care Beds (ICU) we need for Covid patients. Modelling reports are available on the Coronavirus (COVID-19): modelling the epidemic publications page

More data on COVID-19 deaths

A weekly report on COVID-19 related deaths (including those where COVID-19 is suspected) is available from National Records of Scotland (NRS). This report provides a breakdown of deaths by age, sex, setting (hospital, care home or home) and area (NHS Board area and Local Authority). It is updated every Wednesday.
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More data on people affected by COVID-19

Public Health Scotland reports on the demographic characteristics (age, sex, deprivation) of people affected by COVID-19. It also looks at some of the wider impacts of the virus on the healthcare system, comparing recent trends in activity with historic norms. It is updated every Wednesday.  
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