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Coronavirus (COVID-19): trends in daily data

Past data and trend charts for the daily updates on COVID-19.

2 Dec 2021
Coronavirus (COVID-19): trends in daily data

Over weekends daily updates will be published to provide headline statistics on new cases, test positivity rate,  deaths, hospital inpatients and vaccinations. There will be no updates to the remaining statistics. These will be updated on Mondays – we will provide the latest detailed daily data for that day and the previous 2 days.

You can find figures updated every day at 2pm here: Coronavirus (COVID-19): daily data for Scotland.

The trends in the excel files below show the numbers that were previously reported on this website. The number of COVID-19 cases before 14 June does not include results obtained through UK Government (UKG) testing routes, as these were unavailable. The Public Health Scotland dashboard provides a full time series of cases based on the date that people took their first test with a positive result, for NHS and UKG tests combined.

Data available to download below includes: 

  • number of people tested, and number positive and negative
  • number of people who have died and tested positive
  • number of people in ICU with confirmed COVID-19
  • number of people in hospital with confirmed COVID-19
  • delayed discharges
  • NHS staff absence related to COVID-19
  • number of care homes notifying cases of COVID-19 to date
  • number of suspected cases of COVID-19 in care homes
  • school attendance and absence for COVID-19 related reasons and other reasons
  • number of people who have received the COVID-19 vaccination