Healthcare science: strategic approach

The approach we will take to develop healthcare science in Scotland. This sets out a vision and ambitions for the profession, and also the key themes in which future work will be undertaken.

Ministerial Foreword

The Scottish Government absolutely recognises the critical role of healthcare scientists in the delivery of healthcare services in Scotland. This professional group offers unique contributions to help improve outcomes for patients across almost every area of our NHS.

This first paper in the ‘Healthcare Science in Scotland’ series, sets out the strategic approach we will take to develop healthcare science in Scotland, which will help ensure that the profession is best placed to respond to the population health needs of the people of Scotland now and in the future.

Despite operating within an extremely difficult fiscal landscape, I am clear that the delivery of safe and effective healthcare is an absolute priority, and it is important that we do everything we can to ensure everyone in Scotland has equitable access to services which meet their needs.

It is important that we are ambitious in how we seek to improve and transform our public services to meet changing needs and demand. By fully realising and utilising the potential of healthcare science we have that opportunity to be that ambitious, and make meaningful change for the future.

Jenni Minto MSP

Minister for Public Health and Women’s Health



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