Health and Social Care staff reflect on impact of Covid-19 pandemic

Survey reveals pride in service and achievements, despite challenges

Health and Social Care staff feel a strong sense of pride in their work, a new survey has found.

The survey found that despite concerns about challenges in both their work and personal lives, staff expressed satisfaction with their lives and the majority of health and care staff continue to say they would recommend their place of work to others.

The Everyone Matters Pulse Survey, which was carried out in September  saw responses from across all of Scotland’s 22 Health Boards and 30 Health and Social Care Partnerships, with more than 83,000 staff members taking part.

The survey heard about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on staff and their loved ones, with one in four stating they were supporting a vulnerable relative while, prior to the schools going back, one in four had school aged children at home. One in six had a family member who had been furloughed.

The survey also heard accounts of a range of measures for wellbeing support put in place around the country and staff’s appreciation of this. Initiatives included comfort zones and wellbeing packs, e-cycles so staff could travel to work without using public transport and online huddles and blogs.

Cabinet Secretary for Health, Jeane Freeman said:

“We all owe a huge debt of gratitude to our health and social care workers, which is why we announced a £500 ‘thank you’ payment for NHS and care staff.

“The challenges that have been faced in our emergency response have been substantial and Health and Social Care staff have continued to remain our biggest most valuable asset in delivering excellent care and quality services.  As such, now more than ever, it has been vital that we hear from staff about their experiences of work during this period. 

“I have been deeply affected by the stories of some of those who have experienced change and hardship in their role and personal life. Like many of us this year, NHS and care staff have had personal worries and difficulties, but they have  continued to go above and beyond in the face of these challenges to ensure that fellow colleagues and the people that they care for feel supported, safe and recognised, throughout the pandemic period. 

“The commitment and pride felt across the service is truly remarkable.  I expect senior leaders and managers across health and social care to reflect seriously on this report, and show appreciation and value for the efforts made by staff and their achievements.”


Read the report along with staff stories received as part of the survey.

The 2020 Everyone Matters Pulse Survey commenced from 1 September 2020 and closed on 23 September 2020.  All 22 NHS Boards and 30 Health and Social Care Partnerships (HSCPs) took part and a total of 83,656 respondents participated in the survey, accounting for 43% of the Health and Social Care Partnership workforce.

The Everyone Matters Pulse Survey  was carried out by Webropol Ltd, an independent company commissioned by the Scottish Government.  


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