European Structural and Investment Funds

ESIF governance

As the Managing Authority for European Structural and Investment Funds invested in Scotland, we are responsible for ensuring the funds are governed in line with European Commission (EC) Regulations 1303/2013 and distributed in accordance with EU law.

Our remit includes:

  • establishing the European Structural and Investment Fund programme and its operational rules, including scoring frameworks, checklists, guidance and eligibility
  • setting up a Certifying Authority to draft and submit payment applications to the EC, draw up and certify accounts, and ensure expenditure complies with EU rules
  • working with the Audit Authority (reporting directly to the EC) to scrutinise the management and control systems for the funds, verify sample project audits and assess accounts
  • making calls for and approving Strategic Interventions (SIs) and Operations
  • checking eligibility and granting final approval for Operations applications
  • administering the Programme Monitoring Committee (PMC) and other related groups
  • monitoring and reporting on progress to the JPMC and EC
  • publishing annual control reports

The EC has a role in monitoring the financial and audit performance of the ESIF programmes, which includes:

  • observing the JPMC
  • issuing interruptions and suspensions where programmes fail to meet requirements

2014 to 2020 programmes

2014 to 2020 implementation reports


2014 to 2020 consultation

Pre-2014 programmes

2007 to 2013 implementation reports

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