European Structural and Investment Funds

  1. EU replacement funding 60% shortfall

    Minister says Shared Prosperity Fund ‘fails communities’.

  2. European research funding should be protected

    Minister fears losing opportunities to find new markets.

  3. European Structural and Investment Funds: operations funding

    Operations and funding approved for the European Social Fund and European Regional Development Fund programmes in Scotland from 2014 to 2020.

  4. EU replacement funding £151 million less in first year

    Minister says Shared Prosperity Fund ‘undermines devolution’ and ‘fails communities’.

  5. Call for clarity on EU replacement funds

    No detail on essential funding for Scotland.

  6. Answers needed on UK’s replacement for EU funds

    Urgent clarity required

  7. European Structural and Investment Funds Programmes in Scotland: 2020 case studies booklet

    A publicity booklet to celebrate and promote the achievements of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Programmes in Scotland.

  8. “UK Government must respect devolution” – Wales & Scotland

    Ministers call for commitment to make up lost EU funding to be honoured.

  9. Replacement for European Structural Funds

    Meeting Scotland’s distinctive needs and priorities.

  10. European territorial cooperation programmes 2021-2027: consultation

    Consultation on the design of the 2021 to 2027 European territorial cooperation (Interreg) programmes.

  11. EU funding

    Consultation launched on the replacement for European Structural Funds.

  12. Replacement of European Structural Funds post EU-Exit: consultation

    We are consulting on how any replacement funding vehicle could best meet the needs of our citizens, our businesses and our communities.

  13. Local level Brexit vulnerabilities in Scotland: Brexit Vulnerabilities Index (BVI)

    This research identifies areas of Scotland that are expected to be most vulnerable to the consequences of Brexit, and what drives those risks to support local authorities and other organisations in understanding local risks around EU exit.

  14. Brexit and businesses: sectoral impact analysis

    This Brexit readiness assessment summarises the risks to business of a no-deal Brexit and captures the views of over 80 businesses and trade associations.

  15. Tackling poverty and inequalities

    £4m for 22 projects throughout Scotland.

  16. European Structural and Investment Funds: EUMIS outputs and results

    Guidance table on outputs and results for the EUMIS web interface, for use in managing European Structural and Investment Funds.

  17. Call for marine funding certainty

    Scottish Government seeks answers on future fisheries and aquaculture investment.

  18. £8.35 million to support urban regeneration in the heart of Glasgow

    New high quality office space and hundreds of jobs for the city centre

  19. Great Repeal Bill

    Holyrood powers “must not be diminished”.

  20. Investing in fisheries

    European funding to support sector.

  21. Scottish rural funding confirmed

    €4.6 billion support under threat by a ‘hard Brexit’.

  22. EU vital to NHS and social care services

    Ministers examine impact on workforce and clinical research

  23. Funds for business growth

    European money to help grow Scottish SMEs.

  24. Scotland must remain in EU single market

    Keith Brown calls for parliamentary consensus over single market membership.

  25. EU funds guaranteed

    Certainty for over £700m of farming, fishing and structural funds projects

  26. Inaction jeopardising Islands’ renewables funding

    £1.3 billion of investment held up by UK Government indecision.

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