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Ensuring our communities are healthy and sustainable

There are three Strategic Interventions (SIs) intended to ensure Scotland's communities are healthy and sustainable places to live and work:

  • Green Infrastructure
  • Scotland's 8th City - The Smart City
  • Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund

Green Infrastructure

The Green Infrastructure SI aims to:

  • improve the quality, accessibility and quantity of green areas in Scotland's towns and cities
  • provide more and better opportunities for people to improve their health and wellbeing
  • address inequality by creating new green space and improving existing community sites in deprived areas and/or for communities living close to derelict land

The lead partner for this SI is:

Scotland's 8th City - The Smart City

The Scotland's 8th City - The Smart City SI aims to:

  • use new technologies and data to improve sustainability, resilience and service efficiency across all Scottish cities
  • deliver priorities through innovation, integration of service delivery and improved community engagement
  • address urban challenges, including issues such as air quality, energy use in buildings, transport, light and waste
  • develop data platforms to develop other 'data driven' solutions to respond to specific challenges facing Scottish cities

The overall lead partner for this SI is Glasgow City Council. The other partner is:

Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund

The Natural and Cultural Heritage Fund aims to support:

  • investment in infrastructure supporting the sustainable use of natural and cultural heritage assets
  • digital interpretation projects and interpretive media that promote and protect natural and cultural heritage and  provide local economic and social benefits
  • improving accessibility, interpretation and quality of sustainable development opportunities based on the region’s heritage
  • promoting and developing the unique and distinctive natural and cultural heritage (such as Gaelic and the region's musical heritage) and resources of the region
  • supporting projects to develop new products or services to groups of enterprises and sectors based on the region's natural resources, particularly for the tourism sector

The lead partner for this SI is:


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