European Social Fund: annual implementation report 2019

This Annual Implementation Report (AIR) presents the activities for the European Social Fund for the investment for growth and jobs goal in 2019 with citizen's summary.

The full Annual Implementation Report (AIR) is available as a PDF and is attached to this page.

Below is a Citizen's Summary which briefly describes supported activity referred to in the AIR.

Citizen's Summary 2019: European Social Fund

The European Social Fund (ESF) aims to help people improve their lives by learning new skills, finding better jobs and lifting them out of poverty.

ESF is one half of the European Structural and Investment Funds. On behalf of the European Commission, the Scottish Government has allocated £238m to local authorities and national agencies to distribute the funding.

What the ESF does

The ESF supports people like Leanne. She had not worked in ten years before she approached Work EastRen, an employability service part-funded by ESF.

Leanne attended a security training course that improved her employability and personal skills, and resulted in an official qualification. Thanks to ESF support, Leanne was successful in applying for a job as a security guard in a retail store and feels confident about having the right skills to do the job well.

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European Social Fund: annual implementation report 2019
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