European Structural and Investment Funds: Evaluation reports 2007-2013

Evaluation reports for the 2007-2013 programme with over £5m of grant funding.

Evaluation - University of Highlands & Islands_SDB Plan 1.pdf

Evaluation - University of Highlands & Islands_Investing in Recovery.pdf

Evaluation - University of Highlands & Islands_Investing in Recovery 2.pdf

Evaluation - Scottish Enterprise_Business efficiency.pdf

Evaluation - Scottish Enterprise_Scottish Venture Fund.pdf

Evaluation - Economic and Social Development_West of scotland Loan Funds (EKOS).pdf

Evaluation - University of Edinburgh_Scottish Centre for Regenerative Medicine.pdf

Evaluation - Scottish Enterprise_Scottish Loan Fund.pdf

Evaluation - North Lanarkshire_Baseline Report Blake Stevenson.pdf

Evaluation - Skills Development Scotland_Supporting Business Through Recovery.pdf

Evaluation - Skills Development Scotland_Supporting Business.pdf

Evaluation - Highlands & Islands Enterprise_Capital Strategic Delivery Body.pdf

Evaluation - Scottish Enterprise_Scottish Co-Investment Fund II.pdf

Evaluation - National Business District_Shawfield.pdf

Evaluation - University of Glasgow_Glasgow Works Final .pdf

Evaluation - North Lanarkshire_Community Planning Partnership.pdf

Evaluation - Scottish Funding Council_The College Sector Investing in Recovery.pdf

Evaluation - Scottish Funding Council_Colleges Investing in Skills.pdf

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