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Scotland's Seas: Towards Understanding their State

DescriptionScotland's Seas: Towards Understanding their State
Official Print Publication DateApril 2008
Website Publication DateApril 09, 2008


ISBN 978 0 9546490 9 8


PDF Version


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Executive Summary

Giorrachadh Gnìomhach

Chapter 1 - Introduction and Policy Context to Scotland's Seas

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Chapter 2 - Physical Characteristics and Modelling of the Marine Environment

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Chapter 3 - Clean and Safe Seas

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Chapter 4 - Healthy and Biologically Diverse Seas

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Chapter 5 - Productive Seas

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Chapter 6 - Assessment of Climate Change Impacts on Scottish Seas

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Chapter 7 - Preparing a State of Scotland's Seas 2010

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Common and Scientific Names Used in Report

Contributors and Acknowledgements

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List of Figures

List of Tables

Annex 1 - Global, regional (North-East Atlantic and European) and domestic ( UK and Scottish) legislation and obligations of relevance in Scotland's seas.

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Annex 2 - Details of the various marine monitoring programmes and data collection surveys undertaken by FRS, SEPA, SNH and the wider community.

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Annex 3 - Reports on various aspects of Scotland's seas published by FRS, SEPA and SNH, as well as examples from other organisations monitoring Scotland's marine environment.

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Annex 4 - The Input-Output Approach technical note.

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Annex 5 - Data sources used to produce the information presented in Case Study 2.4.

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Annex 6 - Computer simulated 'fly through' of the Firth of Forth Bridges derived from multi-beam echo-sounder data.

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Annex 7 - SEPA - ADRIS Estuary Classification Scheme.

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Annex 8 - SEPA - ADRIS Coastal Water Classification Scheme.

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Recommended citation format: Baxter, J.M., Boyd, I.L., Cox, M., Cunningham, L., Holmes, P., Moffat, C.F., (Editors), 2008. Scotland's Seas: Towards Understanding their State. Fisheries Research Services, Aberdeen. pp. 174.

Published by FRS on behalf of FRS, SEPA and SNH

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