The Scottish Approach to Service Design (SAtSD)

The vision for the Scottish Approach to Service Design is that the people of Scotland are supported and empowered to actively participate in the definition, design and delivery of their public services (from policy making to live service improvement).

What would good look like?

The Scottish Government is committed to increasing democratic engagement, and there’s a requirement to reflect this in the design of services. That engagement is also key to building services around users and their lives.

Major life events, such as birth, education, unemployment, marriage, separation, retirement, serious illness and death require multiple interactions with a variety of government services, which currently makes working across organisations or sectors to integrate services difficult.

The Scottish Approach to Service Design provides an opportunity to redesign services around the user by applying the lens of ‘life events’.

Multiple user needs graphic

Better outcomes for users

We can design more responsive user-centred services by looking at the whole spectrum of needs created by life events, understanding different pathways and emotional contexts. This not only improves the quality and efficiency of the services, but improves outcomes for people who are trying to access services during stressful periods of change.

Providing targeted assistance at times of greatest need – and delivering the very best user experience - will lead to more positive and trusting interactions between citizen and state.

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