Scottish Sea Fisheries Statistics 2020

National Statistics publication that provides data on the tonnage and value of all landings of sea fish and shellfish by Scottish vessels, all landings into Scotland, the rest of the UK and abroad, and the size and structure of the Scottish fishing fleet and employment on Scottish vessels.

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10. Annex 4: Landings and Vessel Tables

This section presents full tables of statistics on landings, the Scottish fishing fleet and employment.

Fully accessible versions of both the landings and the vessel and employment tables are available as excel files in the 'supporting documents' section on the publication webpage. The format of these tables has changed from the previous publication in order to make them accessible following the latest guidance.

In the landings tables:

(1) Cells which are blank indicate that there are no landings (true zero's) for that particular species in the specified year.

(2) Cells which contain a zero indicate that landings of that species for the specified year were below 0.5 tonnes or 500 pounds. The true figure is available but presented as zero due to rounding.

Landings and effort data are available at the level of individual ICES rectangles online on the Scottish Government website and NMPi (see Annex 3).



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