Scottish islands: data overview 2023

This report gives a snapshot of Scotland's island-level data as collated in the new Scottish Islands Data Dashboard and draws out key findings relating to each of the strategic objective topic areas set out in the National Islands Plan.

12 Community Empowerment

Scottish islands have a strong sense of community belonging.

The Scottish islands are home to a sizeable number of community owned assets. Community ownership allows for a community to acquire and own land that could provide local housing, business development, community facilities, recreation facilities or greenspace. Community ownership is particularly prevalent in Comhairle nan Eilean Siar where around 50% of all land is under community ownership.

Scottish islanders also report a strong sense of community belonging with 82% of island residents agreeing or strongly agreeing that they see themselves belonging to their local community. Similarly, 69% of island residents agree/strongly agree that there is a strong sense of community in their local area.

Graph: Islanders who see themselves as belonging to their local community
Graph showing proportion of islanders who see themselves as belonging to their local community, with 53% agreeing.

Note: Figures are percentages.

Source: The National Plan for Scotland’s Islands, Scottish Government (2019)



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